Fit Like A Glove


Fit like a glove



Now that cold nights are here to stay for a while…why not give sewing yourself a snug fit of funky fur or fleece gloves a go to warm up your spirits, and your hands!! They are simple to make and make great personalised gifts for others too. Keep your hands warm on the move, I mainly feel the cold when I’m driving or in the office typing…so I’ve made my own fleece gloves to keep my hands cosy and they are always catching people’s eyes…try them, you’ll love it!!















I also often find my hands get cold quickly because I have a touch screen phone and have to remove the whole glove to operate it, or, wear mittens and the tips of my fingers freeze…so, why not make these gloves with a little slit in one finger especially to be used to sneak out your main finger to touch your phone with and type or even just to quickly answer calls with!!

  1. Draw around one of your hands and add a 1.5cm seam allowance around the outer edge, rounding off the tops into curves and a 3cm hem at the opening.
  2. Trace off your pattern and trace a reverse to create the opposite hand too.
  3. Fold your fabric in half lengthways, right sides together and pin to secure, ensuring the edges touch.
  4. Place both your pattern pieces on top of the fabric keeping them in line with one another if there is a pattern in your fabric especially.
  5. Cut out the patterns – this should provide you with 4 pieces of fabric.
  6. Remove pins and place back into each new pattern.
  7.  Mark the stitching lines as the diagram shows with tailor’s chalk or fabric pen, using your original hand template.
  8. It works best with a 0.5cm seam allowance or ¼” and stitch all around, right sides remaining together, from one side edge to the other, keeping the bottom open.

*Stitch slowly around the curves and carefully pivot at the dots between the fingers.

  1. Trim all seam allowances if necessary and cut down to the marked dots, without touching the actual stitching.
  2. Repeat steps 7 & 8 with the second hand.
  3. Make a double hem at the opening by folding the fabric under twice, no more than the 3cm allowance you have allowed for.
  4. Remove the accessory box on your sewing machine to access the free arm and slide your glove over it and sew both layers of hem to finish sewing.
  5. Remove all pins and turn through to right side.
  6. Test the glove fits and repeat steps 12 & 13 with the other glove.
  7. Finish with any embellishments, ribbons, or alterations you want to make.