A foot for every task


One of the best ways to speed up your sewing and get professional results is to use a specialist foot. Most of our Toyota machines come with a range of feet, but we also sell many footwork kits that allow you to add fantastic new functionality to your machine. These techniques will really make your sewing stand out from the crowd and add a professional touch to all your makes.

Jeans sewing made easy

If you’re sewing denim, jeans or other accessories you’re probably well aware that this heavy fabric can be a little hard to control. With the Denim Jeans Footwork kit you’ll be able to sew those bulky seams no problem. The walking foot can ‘walk’ over thicker layers of fabric, meaning those meeting points of seams and allowances are no match for your machine.

What our customers say: “I am very pleased indeed with this purchase. The foot was extremely easy to fit onto my sewing machine and performed excellently when I was sewing three thicknesses of material together.”

Suitable for: RS, RS2000 machines

Buy it for £17.90.

Sew difficult fabrics with the rolling foot

Are you worried about the idea of sewing difficult fabrics like leather, PVC and velvet? No worries! The rolling foot is designed to roll with the fabric making for an easy movement of the needles with difficult fabrics. Velvet often shifts as sewn but this foot will stop dragging of the top layer. Why not indulge in a little velvet with the help of this foot?

Buy it for £9.50.

Suitable for: RS, RS2000, SP, ECO, Super Jeans machines