All I want for Christmas is….


A sewing machine is the perfect gift at Christmas….if chosen correctly it’s for life, not just for Christmas…especially if you choose TOYOTA!!

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For most sewing enthusiasts, of all levels, a sewing machine for Christmas would be a dream come true, but … have you added it to your list for Santa this year? And if so, have you chosen the right model for you?! Santa’s a man, he can’t read our minds, so why not help him out a little and let him know the make and model that suits you best!!

Choosing a sewing machine should always be a personal and important one…especially if you want to get the most out of your machine and your sewing skills. There are a wide range of sewing machines available on the market today and what might suit one person may not be the best machine for another. And that is something I have learnt the hard way in my past.

So, my advice would be to be patient and read up on reviews about the machine you are considering buying. But do keep in mind, as the statement above suggests, that everyone is different and what one person may have found to be the wrong machine for them doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be right for you…just like a good spouse or partner!! So, we suggest asking these questions before concluding which machine would make your new best friend and perfect present:


  • Your budget – what kind of money are you looking at spending on your sewing machine and looking at the machines that fall in that bracket. (Did you know Toyota Sewing Machines can start from £99.00?)
  • Your expectations – are you a beginner or an experienced sewer? Beginners are best to start with basic machines, whereas experienced sewers are more likely to need access to a range of stitches & functions from the start.
  • Your main need/projects – What kind of sewing will you be doing? From seams, hemming, home furnishings, alterations and dress making. Simple or complex tasks?
  • The extras available for the machine – Look for a machine that offers kits and accessories to offer you more out of your machine as your confidence increases; without the need to trade it in for a newer model.
  • The stitch functions – Some machines offer straight and zigzag stitch whilst others extend this range to decorative stitches. A good machine will show an example chart of which stitches it does.
  • How often will the machine be used – Will you be doing large amounts of sewing on a frequent level or just every now and again as required?!
  • The weight of the machine – if you are likely to need to pack it away and carry it a lot then you need to consider how heavy the machine is, and how durable. If it will be static and rarely moved then you don’t really need to consider this question.

Remember, choosing your machine is a very important decision. Making sure that it meets all your needs, as well as offering you growth and a future. It really is like matching you to a good partner; trustworthy & loyal, strong & dependable, versatile and functional.

Visit our sewing machine page and read the descriptions and see which offers you the best match.