An explanation of Tension


How to adjust thread tension

By popular demand, we’re giving some information on how to adjust the tension on your sewing machine.

When you sew special material or using special thread, you may need some slight tension adjustments.

Here, we explain how to balance upper thread and lower thread.

sewing-machine-tension-tightsewing-machine-tension-dial_2If your upper thread tension is too tight, correct the tension by turning the dial to a lower number
(towards loose).

sewing-machine-tension-loosesewing-machine-tension-dial_3If your upper thread tension is too loose, correct the tension by turning the dial to a larger number
(towards tight).

sewing machine tension correctsewing-machine-tension-dial_1With correct tension, both threads are locked in the
centre of the fabric.

*Normal tension is usually at 5.


• The thread tensions are pre-set prior to your sewing machine being despatched. You will not need to adjust tensions before using your new sewing machine.
• Sew a test piece and only adjust the tension of your sewing machine if required.
• When thread tangles under material:
Incorrect upper threading and thread is not in upper tension plate.
Rethread the machine.
• If your top thread is loose & pulls out:
Check bobbin threading and tension.
Rethread the bobbin and adjust the bobbin tension if required.

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  1. i have a toyota freeny SU machine. i am having problem with lower thread adjustment i guess the lower thread is too loose that its becomes bunch on lower side of cloth

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