Sewing New Year’s Resolutions


What are your sewing New Year’s Resolutions? To get you ready for 2017 we’ve got some ideas!


1. Learn a new technique

Always scared of learning that new finish or feature? Why not look at tools to make your life easier, such as a new sewing machine foot to help you achieve a professional finish or an extra detail.

Why not give our Pintuck Foot a go and create something really special in 2017!


Pintuck foot for RS, RS2000, SP, ECO, ERGO & Super Jeans – £9.50

2. Upgrade my machine for a better experience

Sometimes all you need to improve your experience is to improve your machine. You don’t have to buy a new machine, but why not consider getting some more workspace or giving it a thorough clean.

Our extension tables are available for both Super Jeans, SP Series & Oekaki Renaissance and give you plenty more room to work on large projects. It’s a real upgrade!


Extension table for Super Jeans is £22

3. Read and explore the world of sewing!

Sometimes the best way to learn and expand your sewing knowledge is with a new book. Have a look at our library of books to see if you can learn something new!


Stylish Sewing £9.09

Make Christmas bunting the easy way!


Are you ready to get in the Christmas spirit? Making bunting is a cute way to dress up any room for Christmas and so easy to do too!

Using your Toyota sewing machine you can create loads of bunting quickly and easily!

To start, cut out triangles using a paper template. You’ll want two triangles per piece of bunting, so cut out double the amount you want to hang from your bunting.


Use pinking shears to snip the tops so they won’t fray easily.

Put two triangles right sides together and sew the two edges together, leaving the pinked edge open. Turn them right side out and press them flat so that they form neat little triangles. Use a large knitting needle to push out the ends to a point.


Get your ribbon, we’ve used lace ribbon, and pin each triangle at set intervals.


And you’re done! Super quick and easy Christmas bunting


Make a cute Halloween pumpkin decoration



Pumpkins, a perfect decoration for both Halloween and enjoying the Autumn spirit.

These pumpkins can be made in varying sizes from loads of different prints.

All you need is some rectangles of fabric, thread, and wadding or spare wool for stuffing.

Cut the rectangle

Cut a rectangle on the bias, double the width as it is high (so, 15cm in height makes 30cm wide). Put the raw edges together, right sides facing, to make a loop.



Gather the base

Use a long stitch length on your Toyota machine and stitch across one of the short sides not securing the thread ends. Pull the top thread to gather the edge together, then tie the threads to secure.



Gathering the top and stuffing

Thread a needle with double thickness thread and perform a running stitch all the way round the top edge. Stuff the little bag full of wadding or spare wool, then pull the running stitch to gather the top too. Push the raw edges into the top with a chunky knitting needle, then stitch in place to close.


Creating ridges

Using double-held thread on the needle again, stitch at the top to secure the thread. Lay the thread down the pumpkin ball to the base, pulling tightly to create a ridge. Stitch securely to the bottom.



Continue this a number of times, dividing the ball into ridged sections. For small pumpkins, 4 threads will do. For larger, try 8.

Making a stem

Cut two small stem-like shapes then sew together, right sides facing. Stuff with scrap cotton cord, or wool, or wadding. Tip: A chunky knitting needle will help. Fold the raw edges in, then prepare a needle with thread.


Whipstitch the stem to the top of the pumpkin, and you’re done!


Fashionable Autumn Colours


Don’t you just love the warming colours of Autumn? So many brilliant hues of brown, red and gold before the coolness of the winter sets in.

Why not decorate your home this Autumn with a little from our Toyota Autumn palette? We have so many ideas to share with you for things to sew!

Make an Autumnal tote bag

You only need 4 pieces to make a quick tote bag. Cut and fold the straps in half for strength. Finish the top edge of your bag before sewing the two pieces together.


Embellish a t-shirt with leaves

“Spruce” up a t-shirt with some pretty Autumn leaves. Just pink the edges as you cut then stitch them on. The template below should help you get started!


Make squishy alphabet bunting



Are your little ones off to school this year? Why not decorate their room with our squishy alphabet bunting? This is an easy project to work alongside your kids, allowing them to help picking the colours and cutting the squares of fabric and batting.

All you’ll need is some cotton fabric, thread, natural batting for the middle layer, and some twine or ribbon. Decorate your letter further with beads, extra shapes, or patchwork colours.

1. Cut out large squares of batting, and squares of fabric. You’ll need one square of batting and two squares of fabric per letter.


2. Place the fabric pieces wrong sides together with the batting sandwiched in between. Write your letter onto the fabric using chalk, or a vanishing pen.


3. Pin in place and gently cut around the letters. Use a scalpel or rotary cutter to help with the insides of letters.


4. Once fully cut out, sew around all the raw edges to sandwich together. You could use pinking shears to tidy the raw edges further.


5. Stitch onto twine or ribbon.


Wonderful! Use your squishy letter to adorn a crib, kid’s door or anywhere you can think of!

Made with Toyota


We love the people who make with their Toyota machines and we wanted to share some of the beautiful creations from our Toyota machine owners. We’d love to hear what you think!

Toyota sewing machines offer such a range of features, feet and tools that you can tackle almost any job with a Toyota. Some in our range can even sew through leather! Where will your Toyota take you?

Isn’t this little floral dress adorable?


Every sewist needs a good pincushion!


A classic-shape pencil skirt with a cute twist!


Aren’t these stag curtains totally amazing?


Our top video tutorials


They say a picture tells a thousand words, so how about a video? Sometimes it’s easier to learn a new technique by watching rather than reading instructions manuals.

Our Youtube channel is packed full with tutorials to help you with some more complex machine tasks.

Making buttonholes using the specialised foot

The buttonhole foot is an easy to use attachment for creating perfectly sized buttonholes. It looks a bit daunting at first, but trust us it’s easier than it looks!


How to thread RS2000 machines

Even if you regularly thread your machine, it might be worth reviewing the correct threading of your machine once in a while to check you’re getting the best out of your sewing!


Auto-threader helps you thread in seconds

Auto-threaders are a dream come true for many sewists, allowing you to quickly and easily thread your machine even when light is low or you are struggling to thread the needle eye. Make full use of the potential of your machine with this handy tutorial.

Get to know the new Great British Sewing Bee judge

Judges for GBSB 2016

It’s 2016 and we’re entering the fourth series of the ever-popular sewing programme. This year has given us a real eclectic bunch of amateur sewers and we’re really keen to see where they’ll go over the next few months. Last night’s episode started off with a rather technical “beginners” challenge to create a bias top, working with a chevron pattern. This is by no means an easy feat! The contestants pattern matching was of paramount importance. But many really showed their skills early on and completed the challenge successfully.

Judges for GBSB 2016
Judges for GBSB 2016

But we were also introduced to a brand new judge on the programme. Esme Young has replaced May as the new judge alongside Patrick Grant. Esme has some fantastic experience as a tutor at Central St Martins, so she really knows her stuff.

And did you know that she also sewed Bridget Jones’ famous “playboy bunny” costume for the 2001 film? Esme Young has done plenty of film and theatrical sewing work in her time. Speaking of her time, she’s been sewing for nearly sixty years – that’s some real experience!

Esme’s career really rocketed while at art school she founded fashion brand Swanky Modes, which had a shop in Camden in the 70’s and was hugely popular with celebrities such as Cher and Toyah. Below is one of the amazing Swanky Modes outfits.

Swanky Modes outfit from 1973 issue of Nova Magazine
Swanky Modes outfit from 1973 issue of Nova Magazine

We are of course really excited to see what this new season will bring us, and we look forward to seeing how Esme judges our willing contestants!

A foot for every task


One of the best ways to speed up your sewing and get professional results is to use a specialist foot. Most of our Toyota machines come with a range of feet, but we also sell many footwork kits that allow you to add fantastic new functionality to your machine. These techniques will really make your sewing stand out from the crowd and add a professional touch to all your makes.

Jeans sewing made easy

If you’re sewing denim, jeans or other accessories you’re probably well aware that this heavy fabric can be a little hard to control. With the Denim Jeans Footwork kit you’ll be able to sew those bulky seams no problem. The walking foot can ‘walk’ over thicker layers of fabric, meaning those meeting points of seams and allowances are no match for your machine.

What our customers say: “I am very pleased indeed with this purchase. The foot was extremely easy to fit onto my sewing machine and performed excellently when I was sewing three thicknesses of material together.”

Suitable for: RS, RS2000 machines

Buy it for £17.90.

Sew difficult fabrics with the rolling foot

Are you worried about the idea of sewing difficult fabrics like leather, PVC and velvet? No worries! The rolling foot is designed to roll with the fabric making for an easy movement of the needles with difficult fabrics. Velvet often shifts as sewn but this foot will stop dragging of the top layer. Why not indulge in a little velvet with the help of this foot?

Buy it for £9.50.

Suitable for: RS, RS2000, SP, ECO, Super Jeans machines

In the Toyota Home Sewing Library…


A good sewing library is indispensable to the home sewer, and did you know that Toyota Home Sewing sells a range of great sewing books? We thought we’d take a look through our library…

Vintage Style for Kids – £13.29

If you’ve got children in your life, why not sew a beautiful piece from Vintage Style for Kids? Packed full of adorable projects like this classic PJ set, runcibledays made a great set in cute, stripey cotton.

Sew Scandinavian – £6.99

If you love that minimalist but cute Scandi style, why not try out some of the projects in this book? We love the bear on the front cover. Perfect for someone special this Christmas.

The Very Easy Guide to Using Your Sewing Machine – £9.09

If you’re just getting started, or know someone who is, then the Very Easy Guide is a great book to help you along the way. This book is packed with picture tutorials perfect for a beginner, or even a forgetful novice trying to remember that perfect technique!