Avoid Overlock Overload – it’s ‘sew’ simple


Overlockers are one of the most useful items in the sewer’s workroom, alongside the sewing machine of course. But so many people wonder what they are, how they are used and what the advantages are …

When I first started sewing I even asked the same questions.

An overlocker does what it says in the name…it over locks stitches!! Simples!! We just over complicated it, especially giving it second as it is also sometimes known as a ‘serger’. Its primary uses are for seaming, hemming and edging as it gives a lovely professional ‘finish’ look to items, but they do offer versatility to be used in other ways too. An overlocker is the ideal solution for all projects that involve stretchy seams, fabrics that fray, sequins or beads. It accomplishes three sewing tasks in one easy step:


  1. A seam is sewn to join layers of fabric
  2. The edge is trimmed to provide a neat finish
  3. The trimmed edge is oversewn to prevent fraying


Toyota overlockers are based on a central philosophy of ease of use whilst providing advanced performance and features. They give you the confidence to tackle more ambitious sewing projects and achieve impressive results!!


One thing to bear in mind is that, although some projects can be done 100% with an overlocker, they cannot replace all the features of a sewing machine. They are better working together as a partnership and complementing one another, rather than being used alone on projects. For example you will need a sewing machine to sew in zips, facing, button holes and top stitching etc as this is not something you could do with an overlocker.


View our Toyota Overlock range here. Just like with sewing machines, our expectations and needs are different so you should write down what you want and then you can match it up to the machine that best suits you.

If you have any queries about our Overlockers or getting started connect to us on Facebook and ask us your questions today…

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  1. I am having trouble threading my SL3304 overlocker.

    I cant read the instruction drawing. Is it possible to see a larger scale clear drawing of the threading process.

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