Breathe life in to your old denims


There are plenty of ways to breathe life into old used denim items – like a good glass of wine…denim gets better with age!!

We all have an old pair of jeans that have been outgrown, have rips, out of style or pushed to the back of the wardrobe & forgotten about. Simply by following the steps below you can transform them into a wearable pair of shorts:

  1. Pull out the jeans you wish to transform and fold them in half (length ways).
    Cut of Jeans
  2. Lay your favourite shorts on top to guide you with your first cut and leave a ¾ inch seam allowance.
    Trimmed Jeans
  3. Use a tough pair of scissors to cut off the legs until you achieve the desired length/cut.
    Measure the hem

*Be careful & sure to try them on every few cuts – you can always cut off more, but not less!

  1. Turn the shorts inside out and fold the cut end up 0.5cm all the way around & iron flat.
    Iron the seam
  2. Fold the material up by 1cm this time and iron the fold flat again. (If it helps-pin it)
    Fold and Iron hem again

*In order to ensure the machine glides over the seams when sewing the hem in, it is important at this stage to make sure all seams are as flat as possible (so press out the bulk).

  1. Sew a straight stitch as close to the top hem as you can, continuing all the way around both legs and lock the stitch by reversing at the ends. Sew a 2nd line of stitches 1 cm above this.
    Prepare to sew the hem

*Make sure you don’t catch any of the stray fabric in the stitching as you move around.

  1. When you are done hemming complete with a final iron to press out and secure the hemOnce sewn press once againFinished Artcile

**NB: Always make sure you use a heavy duty sewing needle when sewing with denim to avoid jamming or damaging your machine. There are specific Footwork kits available by Toyota to use when sewing with denim/jeans you can view our range of Sewing machines on our website!!!

**NB: Do not pull the fabric when feeding through your sewing machine as denim is a slightly stretchy fabric-let the machine do all the work!!

And the great thing is, you can do so much more to embellish these if you are still feeling the creative buzz:

  • Bleach the denim to provide a fade effect in desired area
  • Machine stitch embroidery
  • Add buttons
  • Add lace (or alternate fabric) – this looks especially cute on inside pockets
  • Fray the ends or pockets with sand paper – distressed look

Denim is also one of the best recyclable fabrics….so why not use the denim you have left over from the leg of the jeans to experiment with. Below are some ideas:

  • Cushion
  • Denim patch quilt
  • Satchel Bag
  • Denim Waistcoat
  • Detail on another item (ie. Patches or embellishment sewing)
  • Journal/Photo Album Cover
  • Denim Skirt

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