Bringing Sewing Back – Why Buy When You Can DIY?




The Great British Sewing Bee may have left our television screens for the time being, but, what we want to know whether it has put sewing back in to the hearts of our Great British public?





The series came from the same producers as The Great British Bake Off and after the success Mary Berry had with her baking revolution we wondered whether the Sewing Bee has started to do the same for sewing …. and it seems it may well have.  Last year the country was filled with a fresh sense of baking and we moved away from the supermarket shelf cakes to bespoke artisan bakery style cakes and treats very quickly. The scent of freshly home baked food filled the air. It will hopefully not be long until home-made garments walk the high street. From accessories to full outfits – you could be designing, making and modelling all your own pieces to a budget that suits you.


Aisin Toyota has enjoyed over 60 years in the sewing industry. We’ve seen trends come and go but there definitely seems to be something in the air for sewing right now and it’s most certainly a very exciting time to be around it all – wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve seen sewing machines as a necessity in every household across the nation in previous generations to gradually becoming an item associated largely with those in the fashion and garment industry. Thanks to the nature of the recent sewing programme, it appears that we have been able to appreciate that the sewing machine is for EVERYONE!! Young or old, male or female, creative or beginner … you don’t have to tick any particular boxes to be able to learn how to sew and make some very special things.

Through the show we were able to see a variety of contestants of varying skill levels take on different tasks each week from garment construction, alterations and embellishments allowing the nation to witness the potential of a bit of patience, determination, fabric, thread and machine. We love to show you how easy it is to make your money stretch and shake things up without spending a fortune, so if you have any suggestions or have been making your own lovely pieces lately please get in touch! Sewing machines help us to get creative and turn old into new, make things from scratch or even create wonderful gifts to share with others …. the skies the limit and once you pop you won’t stop!!


If you were inspired by the excitement and creations you saw in the show then why not consider whether sewing could be your new hobby, just in time for the summer and if you are looking for a sewing machine that will be easy to set up, do all of the necessary sewing functions plus look great in whichever room you keep it then please come over to our Home-Sewing website and take a look at our Designs For Living sewing machines.


Remember, our company motto “Quality Supremacy, User Friendliness and Elegant Appearance”.


If you already have a sewing machine but you’re looking to advance and experiment with the different settings, features and feet then please pop over to our Home-Sewing accessories page and check out what we have on offer.


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If you’ve been inspired and are looking to get back into sewing then come and share your thoughts on our Toyota Home Sewing Facebook or Twitter pages.


Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend … all the more time to check out our blogs and get sewing 🙂


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