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We love the people who make with their Toyota machines and we wanted to share some of the beautiful creations from our Toyota machine owners. We’d love to hear what you think!

Toyota sewing machines offer such a range of features, feet and tools that you can tackle almost any job with a Toyota. Some in our range can even sew through leather! Where will your Toyota take you?

Isn’t this little floral dress adorable?


Every sewist needs a good pincushion!


A classic-shape pencil skirt with a cute twist!


Aren’t these stag curtains totally amazing?


Our top video tutorials


They say a picture tells a thousand words, so how about a video? Sometimes it’s easier to learn a new technique by watching rather than reading instructions manuals.

Our Youtube channel is packed full with tutorials to help you with some more complex machine tasks.

Making buttonholes using the specialised foot

The buttonhole foot is an easy to use attachment for creating perfectly sized buttonholes. It looks a bit daunting at first, but trust us it’s easier than it looks!


How to thread RS2000 machines

Even if you regularly thread your machine, it might be worth reviewing the correct threading of your machine once in a while to check you’re getting the best out of your sewing!


Auto-threader helps you thread in seconds

Auto-threaders are a dream come true for many sewists, allowing you to quickly and easily thread your machine even when light is low or you are struggling to thread the needle eye. Make full use of the potential of your machine with this handy tutorial.

In the Toyota Home Sewing Library…


A good sewing library is indispensable to the home sewer, and did you know that Toyota Home Sewing sells a range of great sewing books? We thought we’d take a look through our library…

Vintage Style for Kids – £13.29

If you’ve got children in your life, why not sew a beautiful piece from Vintage Style for Kids? Packed full of adorable projects like this classic PJ set, runcibledays made a great set in cute, stripey cotton.

Sew Scandinavian – £6.99

If you love that minimalist but cute Scandi style, why not try out some of the projects in this book? We love the bear on the front cover. Perfect for someone special this Christmas.

The Very Easy Guide to Using Your Sewing Machine – £9.09

If you’re just getting started, or know someone who is, then the Very Easy Guide is a great book to help you along the way. This book is packed with picture tutorials perfect for a beginner, or even a forgetful novice trying to remember that perfect technique!


Which “Design for Living” machine are you?


Here at Toyota HQ we’re delighted to be offering our Designs for Living range at an even better price than before. These machines are perfect for a range of uses and the best thing is they come in a huge choice of gorgeous colours and designs. They’re sure to adorn any sewing table or studio and there’s a whole range of choices. So, which Design for Living is for you?

The Design for Living comes in three different levels of functionality. Classic is great for beginners or those who enjoy a little light sewing. Comfort offers some extra features ideal for a sewer  who wants a little more from their machine. Expert is a perfect all-rounder machine with all the features and functionality you’d expect from your Toyota machine.

But there are nine beautiful designs to choose from, yes nine!

In Bloom – This machine features a strikingly gorgeous bloom pattern in our favourite bright red. Great for a sewer who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Jardin – Featuring pretty pink flowers this machine is sure to bring you dreams of a lovely country garden as you sew.

Labyrinth – For those who fancy a deeper, darker design the Labyrinth machine is gorgeous with it’s classic black, swirling pattern.

Flora – Soft and sweet, the Flora machine is understated with it’s pale flower design on a taupe background.

Butterfly Pink – Think summery meadows as you sew with this pink Butterfly design


Indigo – This striking periwinkle blue is accented with majestic butterfly designs and is sure to stand out in any sewing space.

In Bloom Shade – Contemporary and minimalist, Bloom Shade is a subtle but classic design that would suit any sewer.

Butterfly  – Stand out from the crowd with this luxe golden Butterfly design.

So, which Design for Living are you?

Design for Living machines are available for purchase direct from us, starting at £89 for the Classic, £119 for the Comfort and £139 for the Expert. All machines are currently reduced. Shop here.

The Great British Sewing Bee: What we loved and how you can make it


So, another season of the GBSB is over and this year was full of beautiful and sometimes eccentric pieces of sewing. We saw the invention of the ‘skanklet’ (don’t think it’ll catch on?) and of course the sewing world is now ablaze with the desire for sewing a walkaway dress in pretty much every colour we can think of.

Looking back at GBSB, we wanted to write about some of our favourite moments and how you can make these garments with your very own Toyota machine. GBSB projects are great for beginners too, so lets get started!

The Walkaway Dress

Needs no introduction, this dress is supposedly worked up in just a few hours, though it may take a few longer if you’re a beginner. The pattern is available from all good sewing shops (just go in and ask, they won’t be sick of it, I promise!) and some stylish cotton and you can sew yourself up a quick and beautiful 50s style dress. No zips or fiddly closures required, but the moveable needle of the Toyota ESG325  makes light work of sewing neat and tidy bias binding, as you can adjust the stitch position to get that top-stitching sewn right up close to the edge.

The Japanese Asymmetric Blouse

This funky blouse is cut from just once piece of fabric! It’s a bit of a puzzle but once you’ve got your head around it it’s quick to sew. Sewing it up in a floaty, delicate silk would be fantastic, but those edges will need hemming. Why not use the Toyota rolled-hem foot to make light work of sewing beautiful, neat hems on lightweight fabrics with ease.

Image Creative Commons attributed:

Give your sewing a vintage twist


Vintage fashion is all the rage, especially in the sewing world. What better way to make your fashion sewing a little more glamorous, cute or exciting than adding some vintage twists? You don’t have to worry about rationing amounts of fabric or worrying about what girdle to wear underneath it, but you can definitely give your current makes a little something different!

Add a pussy bow

Pussy Bows are called such because of the cute little satin bows depicted on greetings cards of kittens. Adding a pussy bow blouse to your wardrobe is a sure-fire way to add a little retro to your work wardrobe. We love this one made by We Sew Retro in a gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn fabric.



Add some flair with a petticoat

Adding a petticoat layer under a normal summer dress will give it a beautiful silhouette, and a perfect 50s look! Petticoats can be bought but it’s easy to sew your own, how about making it brightly coloured to accent the colour of your dress?


Give it a wiggle

A strong silhouette is a perfect vintage look, especially if you have the figure for it! Creating a well-fitting wiggle dress, perfectly fitted to your own body shape is sure to be a killer at any party! You don’t need to worry about having the perfect figure, if you wear it with confidence you’ll look fantastic!

Halloween Costume Ideas


With Halloween just around the corner, what better excuse can you get to break out your sewing machine and put your craft skills to good use (no matter how good they are!). But if you’re struggling to decide what to sew and you’re running out of time, we’ve put together some critter costume idea prompts that should be quick and easy regardless of how new you are to sewing. These costumes are all classic eerie beasties that are instantly recognisable, and should be manageable even with only minor changes to clothing you might already have. So here are our top four ideas for cute, creepy creature costumes that won’t break the bank (or your sewing machine).

 halloween costume ideas

© Vetala | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Jellyfish:  First, find your favourite floaty maxi dress.  Then cut some long strips of lightweight fabrics – such as organza, thin cottons or silk – in colours that match your chosen dress. Ruffle some of the strips for more authentic tentacle look! Pin the strips of fabric just underneath the bust of your dress, the whole way around (overlap as many strips as you like until it looks good to you) and then secure them with a straight stitch. For the body of the jellyfish, use a transparent umbrella (a children’s umbrella works well if you don’t want to take up too much space!). Glue your leftover fabric strips to the inside edge of the umbrella. Daub some glow in the dark paint on the umbrella and some of the tentacles if you want to go full jellyfish spectacle!

Bat: Take a large black poncho, and put it on yourself inside out. Stretching your arms out one at a time, pin the front and back side of the poncho together underneath your wrist, and again by the side of your torso (make sure you leave a gap big enough to get out of!) Take the poncho off, and stitch the front and back together along the edges, between those two pinned points (leaving you with a torso hole and two holes). Flip the poncho back to be the right way around, hiding the seam – this now forms your bat wings! Wear your new wings over a black top, trousers, and fingerless gloves. Finish of the look with a bat mask, or a headband with ears and some fake fangs.

Owl: This may be a little more time consuming, but looks great finished.  Find a tunic or dress to form the base of your costume – a brown or grey works well, and you’ll need something with sleeves. Cut felt ovals in a number of shades (browns, whites and greys, but you can throw in some other muted tones if you like). Starting from the bottom of your tunic or dress, lay them out a row at a time and straight stitch a line through the tops of them. Lay out the next row so the new feathers overlap the ones underneath by a few inches. Sew feathers on row by row until you reach the neckline. Add a single line of feathers from shoulder to wrist on each arm. Take any extra felt feathers and glue them across a headband. Wear with leggings and boots, and top off with an owl mask or a pair of big round glasses!

Cat: Finally, what’s more Halloween than the iconic black cat? Use a leotard, jumpsuit or top/trouser combo for your base. With some black felt or fluffy material, cut out some triangular ears and sew them onto a headband. Use the same material to make a tail by cutting a long rectangle and sewing the two longest opposite edges together to form a tube – scrunch the end up and sew through for the tip, then flip it inside out to hide the stitching! Pin the tail to your waistline, or straight stitch it on to what you’re wearing for more security. You can even go all out and make yourself some paws by sewing a pair of gloves then appliquéing pink felt footpads to the palms (some white felt claws on to the fingers!)


So if you’ve been struggling for a last minute costume ideas hopefully one of these quick crafts can help you out (or at least inspire you to something even greater!).­­ But don’t worry if you’re still floundering for fancy dress – why not check out our Halloween Inspiration pinterest board for some extra help? We’ll be updating it until the big day!

Finally, when you’ve finished your Halloween projects – costumes, decorations and all, why not share them with us and the community on our facebook page (or tweet us a photo) and let everyone see your best spooky sewing of the year!

Happy crafting!

When Toyota Met Emell Gök Che …


Our popular Toyota Super Jeans sewing machine seems to have a new admirer, the lovely German TV presenter Emell Gök Che.


Emell Gök Che

Emell is also an artist/designer and her talents have landed her an exciting new role as the host of Germany’s version of  our ’60 minute makeover’ starting next month, Nov 2013. Although the show will be aired on the German TV channel ‘Sat 1’ we’ve heard that it will also be available to watch online and there may well be a sighting or two of our Super Jeans machine.

Emell recently shared the below image on her social networking pages along with this quote:


“Sewing with my Super Jeans sewing machine is really fun. Thx Toyota”.


We met Emell during the IFA fair in Berlin during September when she visited our Toyota booth. Like many people, she was surprised that Toyota made sewing machines and she was very impressed when she found out and started using our demonstration model. She immediately took a fancy to our Super Jeans model … this is when Toyota Home Sewing met Emell Gök Che.


We look forward to seeing Emell on her new show next month and all the wonderful things she makes with her Toyota Super Jeans machine.


For more details on our Toyota Super Jeans visit our Home-Sewing website here: and click into the ‘product description’ and ‘additional information’ tabs on each page. For access to the German version of our site please click here.

“I tried my new Toyota. It is so great and comfortable to sew. I love it. Next week I will use it in a scene and I am really looking forward to do it. It is not only the sewing quality but also its unique black look that thrills me.” Emell

7 Reasons To Make Sewing Your New Winter Hobby


It might seem pretty biased for us to be recommending sewing to you but, we looked at it this way, surely it’d be wrong for us not to!! We know first-hand how rewarding and enjoyable it is!!


With summer being officially over, and along with it the warm nights and outdoor activities, we thought it’d be the perfect time to do some sewing evangelism.


Here’s our top 7 reasons why sewing could be the perfect choice of hobby for you this Autumn/Winter …


1. Having a hobby can cheer you up!

It’s said that having a hobby is an important part of life, and we couldn’t agree with this more! Not only can a hobby be fun to do but it can also enhance your overall well-being and give you an immeasurable sense of pleasure and achievement. Let’s face it, with the lack of sunshine going on, we can all have those days when we need a little something to look forward to and boost our happiness levels!


2. The Great British Sewing Bee! 

Earlier this year, 2013, sewing became a hot topic following the huge success of the BBC TV show ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’. The show had the entire nation captivated as contestants showed us what you could achieve with just a little bit of creativity, time and a sewing machine. You never know, if you try your hand at sewing now you could become the face of one of the future sewing bees, or at least enjoy sewing-a-long with the next series!


3. Celebs are doing it!

You know you’re onto a good thing when all the top celebrities are doing it, and, guess what celebrities are publicly sharing their love for sewing!! From top Hollywood actresses like Katie Holmes and Katherine Heigl to one of the world’s most famous faces David Beckham we’ve seen many celebrities enjoying a spot of sewing and talking about what they’ve been creating, which proves it’s a hobby worth doing, right?!


4. It’s for everyone!

Sewing is not a new craze, it’s been around for years, in fact the first Toyota Sewing Machine was made in 1946, however times have changed and sewing machines have adapted. Despite it historically being viewed as an object used by housewives it is now a skill taken on by all – as we saw in the Sewing Bee TV series!! Whether you’re young or old, a beginner or advanced, male or female sewing is now something for everyone!!


5. It can save you money!

We’ve always loved being economic. The great thing about sewing is that it is a hobby that could help you save (and make) money. Whether you take up the hobby to start up-cycling your wardrobe, create handmade gifts or make home-furnishings it can be a very rewarding hobby in both senses of the word. With sites constantly emerging like Etsy and Pinterest etc, we’ve also seen a lot of individuals crafting bespoke items to sell across these sites. So it;s a hobby that really can pay off!


6. It’s fun!

Sewing can be a very enjoyable craft! It many ways (apart from the obvious) it’s like riding a bike – once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier to do and there is a lot to enjoy along the way. Sewing is a great hobby to cheer you up and keep you in good spirits. Want to find out for yourself? Give it a go and let us know how you get on!


7. Community and friendships

Although the sewing machine is clearly designed to be used by one person at a time, it is by no means a lonely hobby. There are lots of sewing groups set up all around the country that invite anyone with an interest of sewing to attend. The best way to find out about your local sewing groups are by speaking to friends, looking in a local paper, asking in a local craft shop or searching on the internet. You could also look out for a workshop or course to attend. These are great ways to make new friendships and meet new people that will all share something in common with you!


We could go on, but for now there’s our top 7 reasons! What Next…


It can be daunting at first when you’re trying to decide what sewing machine to buy, especially for a hobby that (we hope) lasts you a lifetime. So, if you are considering buying a new sewing machine, come and read our ‘sewing machine buying guide’ on the Home-Sewing website, or why not pop over to our Home-Sewing Facebook page and ask our community for their advice.


You can buy our Designs For Living range from our online store, access here.


If you have any questions about buying your new sewing machine, please call us on 01322 291137.

Toyota Sewing Machine: Instruction Manuals Help


Recently, we’ve had a lot of requests through about how to get hold of Toyota sewing machine instruction manuals. This is great news as we think it shows more and more people are wanting to start sewing again, so, to make it easier for you we’ve put together our tips for you below …


1. Find your series/model number on your sewing machine.

2. Head to our “Instruction Manual” page on our Home-Sewing website: here.

3. Scroll down the page and look for your model on the left column.


4. Click the ‘PDF’ box next to the model of your sewing machine, under the language of your choice:

5. The instruction manual will now appear. You can choose whether you want to just view it online, print it off or download a copy.

6. The majority of these manuals are also available as a hard copy and are available to purchase for £5 from our Spares Department, simply email or call 01322 291137 (option 3) with the series and model of your machine


7. In the event you cannot find your instruction manual on this page (Toyota have been making sewing machines for many many years), please contact our spares department (details above) and they will be able to check the archives to see if we can get a copy of these for you.