Top tips for quilting with your Toyota machine


Are you a quilter, or keen to learn? Quilting is a very popular textile hobby and can be used to make home furnishings, wall hangings, art or even used in clothing!

One of the challenges of quilting is getting through all those layers of fabric. But Toyota has some tools and tips to help you!

1. Use a walking foot

A walking foot is perfect for quilting because it’s designed to “walk” over the top of the quilt, not drag the fabric which can pull the many layers out of place.

The Toyota walking foot attachment is available for both RS and SP series machines. The guide helps keep the foot working correctly.

2. Use an extension table

An extension table helps extend your work space and it’s particularly useful when sewing a large item like a quilt.

The key is that the bulk of the quilt will not be hanging off the edge of the machine, which can pull on the needle and cause harm to the inner mechanics. The extension table helps to take the weight of a heavy item, it has many uses!

3. Get a bundle of all the best feet

The Patchwork Kit contains both the walking foot, piecing foot and applique foot plus lots of other useful bits! The piecing foot helps you piece lots of smaller square, triangles or other shapes together when making your quilt. The open toe foot lets you see what you are doing much clearer.

A foot for every task


One of the best ways to speed up your sewing and get professional results is to use a specialist foot. Most of our Toyota machines come with a range of feet, but we also sell many footwork kits that allow you to add fantastic new functionality to your machine. These techniques will really make your sewing stand out from the crowd and add a professional touch to all your makes.

Jeans sewing made easy

If you’re sewing denim, jeans or other accessories you’re probably well aware that this heavy fabric can be a little hard to control. With the Denim Jeans Footwork kit you’ll be able to sew those bulky seams no problem. The walking foot can ‘walk’ over thicker layers of fabric, meaning those meeting points of seams and allowances are no match for your machine.

What our customers say: “I am very pleased indeed with this purchase. The foot was extremely easy to fit onto my sewing machine and performed excellently when I was sewing three thicknesses of material together.”

Suitable for: RS, RS2000 machines

Buy it for £17.90.

Sew difficult fabrics with the rolling foot

Are you worried about the idea of sewing difficult fabrics like leather, PVC and velvet? No worries! The rolling foot is designed to roll with the fabric making for an easy movement of the needles with difficult fabrics. Velvet often shifts as sewn but this foot will stop dragging of the top layer. Why not indulge in a little velvet with the help of this foot?

Buy it for £9.50.

Suitable for: RS, RS2000, SP, ECO, Super Jeans machines

Knowing your extension table – quick guide


If you own an  original model Oekaki or RS series Toyota sewing machine and have never have used an extension table before, ours can be a little confusing. To make sure you can get it up and running with no fuss, we’ve written you this handy guide!

The first thing most people notice is that the table only has one ‘rubber stopper’ on it. Don’t panic! You aren’t missing three feet, what you actually have is one adjustable screw. The screw in this leg of the table is used to adjust the height of the table to fit your machine (yes, you only need the one!). You may have noticed that table looked too low to fit onto your machine, which is where this adjustable screw comes in.

Caution: We recommend always having the power off when you attach and remove the extension table and accessory box to your machine.

To set your table up on your machine, please follow the steps below:

The extension table has four fold away legs. Before you attach your extension table to your machine you will need to lift up each leg over 90-degrees to the outside until they’re in position. Locate the leg with the adjustable screw.

Turn the screw to adjust the height of the table to reach your desired position. This will level out the up side of the table so it will fit snugly around the free arm of the sewing machine.

Make sure that the measuring line is facing the front of the extension table.

Remove the accessory holder out of your sewing machine, allowing access to the free arm.

Slide the extension table into position around the free arm of the sewing machine until it has clicked into position. You’re now ready to use your extension table!

When you are finished, remove the extension table by sliding it off gently and then reattach your accessory holder.

Enjoy your new-found space for sewing!

How To Shop With Us For Sewing Machines


Whether you are looking to buy some handy new accessories for your sewing machine or craft collection, invest in a new sewing machine or even just find out about what sewing machines and overlockers are available on the market – the Toyota Home Sewing website could be what you need.


Buying A Sewing Machine:

If you are looking to buy a sewing machine, you can buy our “Designs For Living” range on the Home-Sewing website. The range allows you not only to choose your own design, but also select the features that are relevant to you and they each come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery.

To begin, choose which features best suit you (from single, 2 or 3 dials to 21, 24 or 25 different stitches) :

And click on your choice: ‘Classic‘ ‘Comfort‘ or ‘Expert‘ and you will see more details about this machine, plus the design options:

Once you select the design that best suits you, you will see the option to “add to basket” or  ‘more details’ button. You can choose to see more details if you wish and still add it to your basket from there, too.



















You will then see a small banner appear that says “DFL  ……. was added to your shopping cart” and you should also be able to see that it shows the item added to your basket at the top right of the screen (see below image):


At this point, you can either choose to continue shopping, or you can click into your basket at the top right to complete your purchase.

Once you click on ‘Your basket’ the following page will appear and show you everything that is in your basket:



Within your basket you can check that everything you wish to purchase is in there and remove any items that you change your mind on by clicking on the trash can to the right of the item. You can see your total cost and also a section to enter in any coupon/discount codes.

Once you are happy with your order, click “Proceed to Checkout” and the page below will appear:

You have the options to either log in if you are already a registered member, checkout as a guest or register as a new customer. If you think you may have registered in the past but have forgotten your password, you can click on ‘Forgot your password’.

Step 2: Complete your billing information

Steps 3 & 4: Complete your shipping information (delivery address)

Step 5: Payment details

Step 6: Review your order and complete

If you are unsure whether the Classic, Comfort or Expert is the one for you, why not take a few moments to look at our “Sewing machine buying guide” on the site, to help you understand the differences of the machines, or feel free to contact us .. we love to help!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Please Note: We also have a Toyota sewing machine catalogue, found here, where you can view a list of our sewing machines and the features of each. Although you will not be able to buy these directly from us, you will be able to find out the relevant information for each and then search for your local supplier/retailer.

Toyota Home Sewing – How To Create An Account


Just like when you are shopping in a store, we want to try and provide that same friendly experience when you shop with us online and ensure that you walk away a very happy customer.

We have worked hard to make sure our checkout process is as quick and simple as possible, but, for all those who avoid the “create a new account” pages, I thought it might be helpful to show you the simple form that we use, and assure you that once you’ve completed it once, you should not have to use this again, it’s a one off!!  So, here’s our little form:

We request your name, email address and password to set things up, with the added option to input your date of birth and gender if you wish.

Then click on submit and you will then see this screen :


Login to the email account you signed up with and find the message from us. Click on the confirmation link and you are done!

Please note: If you don’t appear to be receiving our email with the confirmation link, please check your email application’s spam folder.

It really is that simple!

If in the future you forget your password, simply click on the ‘forgot password’ button and type in your email address then click ‘submit’.

The below message will appear and you will need to check your emails to see if you receive this through (and your spam folder), if it doesn’t appear you may not have an account and need to start by creating one.

However, you can avoid the registration process by logging in as a ‘guest’ user if you wish but, as you can see above, the registration is simple and straightforward.


If you experience any difficulties when setting up your account, or have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us using our contact page or by posting to our Facebook account.

Thank you for taking the time to understand more about our registration process.

Toyota Home Sewing – Website Introduction


Recently, we changed our Home-Sewing website to make it simpler and smarter for our users. Following this big news, we thought it was about time we wrote a little bit about it so that you not only know how to use it but you also know what you can find on there…


Firstly, to access our site from the UK simply click on the link here and a new page will appear and look like this:



At the top of the page you will see these options:


1. Sign In: If you have already registered with Toyota Home-Sewing you can log straight into the site here.

2. Search: If you are looking for something in particular you can type it in this area and click the magnifying glass ie ‘needles’.

3. Sewing Machines: If you are looking to view our range of sewing machines this is the place to head to. However, please note that the only machine we sell directly through our site is “Designs For Living“. All our other sewing machines are information pages only and are sold through our dealers.

4. Accessories & Parts: When you click on this tab, you will see our impressive range of accessories. These include needles, storage, tools & consumables etc. We have tried to make it simple to find what you are looking for by placing all our accessories into  categories. However, if you are struggling to find what you are looking for, try the search bar at the top right of the page.

5. Haberdashery & Books: As part of our new site, we have introduced a new section called Haberdashery & Books. We are hoping to grow this area and if you would like to see anything in particular being sold here, please let us know on our Facebook page.

6. Overlockers: Overlockers are becoming very popular with home sewers and we know it is important to find the right one for you so we now also have a page dedicated to our wonderful range. Here, you will find a list of our overlockers along with their key features and functions.

7. Oekaki: If you hover over this Oekaki tab you will have two options : ‘OEKAKI WORLD’ and ‘OEKAKI STORE’. If you click on the Oekaki World, you will be taken to a new site that is dedicated to the world of Oekaki; including blog posts, tips and guest how to’s. If you select the Oekaki Store, a page containing all the relevant accessories for the Oekaki machine will appear. To find out more about Oekaki and what it is, click here.

8. Instruction Manuals: We understand how important it is to have access to the instruction manual if you have a question about using your sewing machine, or you’re trying to use a new feature. If you want to find our whether we have an electronic version of your sewing machine’s manual, simple visit this page. If you cannot see your machine here, please contact our spares department by emailing

9.  Movies: Sometimes it can be tricky to pick up a new sewing technique. This part of our Home Sewing website features all our videos that may help guide you through a particular task.

10. Delivery & Returns: This section applies to any purchases made on the Home Sewing UK website. It will answer some of the questions you have about delivery fees, changing an order and returning an order etc. If you have a question that isn’t answered within this section you can ask us on our Facebook page.

11. Contact: As well as asking us your questions over on Facebook and Twitter, we have a section of the site dedicated to contact us. Here, we have a contact form where you can leave your details and comments, a contact telephone number for you to call and our address for you to write into.


At the bottom of the page you will see these options:

12. About Us: Here, you will find out about the history of Aisin and Toyota Home Sewing.

13. Branches & Agents: We have provided a list of our branches and distributors in Europe and Central Asia. In this list you will be able to access our addresses, contact telephone numbers and email addresses.

14: Sewing Machine Buying Guide: We understand that buying a sewing machine is an investment and therefore it is important to choose the one that best suits you and what you are hoping to use it for. We have placed some useful tips into this sewing machine buying guide to help you find your perfect match.

15: Social Media Links: This part of our site is a quick way to find us on social media. We have Home Sewing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and we welcome you to join our communities.

16. Toyota Home Sewing Blog: This is a quick way to access our Home Sewing blog. If you don’t have the blog web address, simply click on this link and it will bring you straight on to the blog.


At the right of the page you will see these options:

17. Sewing Machine Buying Guide: At the right hand side of the page you will find another link to our Sewing Machine Buying Guide as mentioned in point 14.

18. Oekaki World: This is another link to take you directly to our Oekaki World blog as mentioned in point 7.

19. Community Poll: We love to hear from you and so we have placed this simple poll on our home page to learn more about you. The question currently on there is “How Old Is Your Toyota Sewing Machine” and to answer you simply select the choice that applies to you. You can also see the results above the Poll.


We hope this little introduction helps you to navigate around our new site easily and you enjoy looking around our new features.


‘Flower Power’ – add a touch of summer.



Despite already being in our British Summer months it doesn’t quite feel like it yet with all the wind, rain and central heating. So, we’ve decided to bring our own touch of summer and introduce you to the flower stitch foot. Many of you may have already seen this demonstrated on our latest Oekaki model recently, but for those of you who have never heard of the flower stitch foot then this post could be for you.


The foot is a great addition to your sewing kit, you can do some truly amazing and decorative stitching with it. You can create circular patterns and flowers with this special attachment. It’s ideal for embellishing projects and making them unique. Use different coloured thread to add that even more decorative look to your pieces – it’s so versatile and creative.


Watch our useful video below showing the flower foot in action and if you’d like to buy one for your machine just check out our flower stitch attachment foot. Buy the flower foot here.

Bringing Sewing Back – Why Buy When You Can DIY?




The Great British Sewing Bee may have left our television screens for the time being, but, what we want to know whether it has put sewing back in to the hearts of our Great British public?





The series came from the same producers as The Great British Bake Off and after the success Mary Berry had with her baking revolution we wondered whether the Sewing Bee has started to do the same for sewing …. and it seems it may well have.  Last year the country was filled with a fresh sense of baking and we moved away from the supermarket shelf cakes to bespoke artisan bakery style cakes and treats very quickly. The scent of freshly home baked food filled the air. It will hopefully not be long until home-made garments walk the high street. From accessories to full outfits – you could be designing, making and modelling all your own pieces to a budget that suits you.


Aisin Toyota has enjoyed over 60 years in the sewing industry. We’ve seen trends come and go but there definitely seems to be something in the air for sewing right now and it’s most certainly a very exciting time to be around it all – wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve seen sewing machines as a necessity in every household across the nation in previous generations to gradually becoming an item associated largely with those in the fashion and garment industry. Thanks to the nature of the recent sewing programme, it appears that we have been able to appreciate that the sewing machine is for EVERYONE!! Young or old, male or female, creative or beginner … you don’t have to tick any particular boxes to be able to learn how to sew and make some very special things.

Through the show we were able to see a variety of contestants of varying skill levels take on different tasks each week from garment construction, alterations and embellishments allowing the nation to witness the potential of a bit of patience, determination, fabric, thread and machine. We love to show you how easy it is to make your money stretch and shake things up without spending a fortune, so if you have any suggestions or have been making your own lovely pieces lately please get in touch! Sewing machines help us to get creative and turn old into new, make things from scratch or even create wonderful gifts to share with others …. the skies the limit and once you pop you won’t stop!!


If you were inspired by the excitement and creations you saw in the show then why not consider whether sewing could be your new hobby, just in time for the summer and if you are looking for a sewing machine that will be easy to set up, do all of the necessary sewing functions plus look great in whichever room you keep it then please come over to our Home-Sewing website and take a look at our Designs For Living sewing machines.


Remember, our company motto “Quality Supremacy, User Friendliness and Elegant Appearance”.


If you already have a sewing machine but you’re looking to advance and experiment with the different settings, features and feet then please pop over to our Home-Sewing accessories page and check out what we have on offer.


PS we also have some wonderful storage and sewing accessories that could be really helpful for your sewing room or office and a small range of sewing books too.


If you’ve been inspired and are looking to get back into sewing then come and share your thoughts on our Toyota Home Sewing Facebook or Twitter pages.


Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend … all the more time to check out our blogs and get sewing 🙂


Love Toyota Home Sewing



Valentine’s 10% Off Coupon: With Love From Toyota Home Sewing



It’s here, Valentine’s Day is upon us so we wanted to give our loyal customers a little treat, and our lovely new ones too!!





As our Valentine’s Day gift to you, here is a 10% off coupon code to use against our Designs For Living range sewing machines on our Home Sewing website.


Coupon Code: TOYOTA-LOVE       Site:

(valid from 14/02/13 to 28/02/13 especially for Valentine’s)


Designs For Living (aka DFL) is Toyota’s much loved stylish sewing machine range and so they became our perfect choice for our Valentine’s offer to you, we’d love to be your cupid and help fix you up with your new match made in heaven. The concept allows you to not only choose the type of machine you require but also the design that best suits you!! Want to test the designs out and see how they look,which would suit your personality, room etc – no problem, just click here.


PLUS: Our Designs For Living machines come with 3 years warranty and free delivery for mainland UK (see more here). We also have a range of accessories to complement the machines that we recommend you have a look at, available here too.



With love from,


Your friends at Toyota Home Sewing x



Twin Needles – What they are and how to use them




This is often a function that goes unnoticed or untried on a sewing machine but we hope within this blog you’ll find everything you need to know to get you started and encourage you to give it a go. First of all twin needles for our RS sewing machines can be bought directly here.

The picture to the left shows an example.

What is a twin needle?

A twin needle is just basically two needles attached to a single shank, one being slightly shorter than the other to enable your bobbin to catch the thread from both needles.

The needle is used to sew two parallel rows of sewing. It installs in your machine in the same way a regular needle would HOWEVER, the difference is with the spools – if you hadn’t guessed, 2 needles = 2 spools!! Thread your machine as you normally would, one thread at a time ensuring you don’t get them twisted. Hand thread them through each needle as the auto-threader will not work. After you’ve threaded it, I’d always just wind down the needle to make sure none of the needles catches the foot plate. Then, it’s simple … just sew. It looks so effective, I always think it adds a professional and decorative look to any project with such ease and nothing makes parallel lines simpler.

And that’s it, so, why not buy yourselves a twin needle (just £3 on our Home-Sewing site) and get crafty!!





Good Luck!!