Celebrities In The Sew Part 2 – Katherine Heigl


Looks like sewing machines are still the new big thing for celebrities …


Last Monday Katherine Heigl, star of Grey’s Anatomy and Hollywood films such as 27 Dresses, followed in Katie Holmes’ footsteps and got her very own sewing machine!! Katherine was spotted testing and shopping for a new sewing machine out in Los Angeles with her family after purchasing a whole bunch of craft pieces and material. The half Irish/half German star has recently admitted on Twitter that she has suddenly become craft crazy after discovering Pinterest (haven’t we all? **Toyota Home Sewing Pinterest coming soon!!!**).


Heigl has been criticised in the past by the media for committing many fashion faux-pas, and we  have all had those moments we wonder what we were ever doing, but it seems Katherine has now decided to take matters into her own hands and has a sewing machine on hand to fix any future disasters.


However, we believe the main focus of her new purchase is all for her beautiful daughter Naleigh. Just like Katie Holmes, Katherine has made it known that she intends on sewing for her daughter and it appears she has already had her first success after her husband, Josh Kelley, tweeted this last week…


“My wife… made this awesome skirt for my daughter last night… I wonder if she could make me some”.


We really love to hear about more and more celebs turning their hands to sewing and showing it to be a relaxing and pleasurable hobby for the whole family … we look forward to seeing some more of her creations and we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on her Twitter and Pinterest!!



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