Christmas Already


Can you believe it’s December already?

Have you started getting ready for the festive season?


Christmas Bow

As a country we seem to have some secret guideline to only set up our Christmas decorations 12 days before Christmas, but this never stops me!! I start thinking of my decoration ideas in September/October, visiting gardening centres and flicking craft books for inspiration. So, by the time December comes I have already lined up my Christmas DVD & album collection, and lifted down the decorations from the loft ready to unpack and add this year’s new pieces to.

A beautiful and simple decoration to effectively add to any part of the house, tree, and wreath is a bow!! Whether made from tinsel, fabric, paper or ribbon you can be as creative as you like and it has a perfect and beautiful way of complimenting any room or item!!



  • Determine the size of the bow you wish to make and cut a strip of fabric of your choice (If you want to make a bow with more than one loop on each side make sure you give yourself more fabric) Remember to add a 1cm seam allowance all around.
  • Fold the main piece in half, width ways, with the right sides facing each other.
  • Pin in place to secure, use a ruler to mark a 45 degree line along each end and cut.
  • Use your sewing machine to sew down the edges and the long length (one should be on the fold) but leave a small turning gap in the centre of the long edge.
  • Cut down as much of the excess fabric as you can, especially at the tip of the point.
  • Turn the fabric through to the right side and press.
  • Close the turning gap with a slip stich, (if you want to add stitching detail you can top stitch with your choice of coloured thread – it’s best to get as close to the edge as possible).
  • In your choice of matching fabric, or contrasting, cut out the centre piece (on average between 8 cm -20cm depending on your bow size).
  • Fold the centre piece in half, right sides together, pin in place and stitch a 0.5cm seam down the longer edge.
  • Turn through to right side and twist so that the long seam is in the centre of one side, and hidden.
  • Turn in either side by 0.5cm, or if easier 1cm, and slipstitch to neaten ends. Press.
  • On a flat surface lay the longer main piece of fabric flat and find the centre.
  • Fold both ends behind the centre and get the loop widths correct, when you’re happy pin all the layers together and tack together.

  • Place the centre piece over the fold and wrap around, make sure the seamed side is hidden, and stitch in place to secure (slipstitch or turn the stitch into part of the detail).