Christmas Cards – Nifty Needlework


Do you just send out Christmas cards as routine these days, and become tired with writing out the same message to the same people and even receiving the same cards?

Well why not make your Christmas cards fun this year and turn it into a crafty little project. There are many ways to do this from embellishing the cards you received last year to creating some fun new ones of your own; give your friends and family Christmas Cards with a unique home-made, personal touch.

Here’s an idea to start and see where things lead: All you need to do this is your sewing machine, thread, fabric and chosen card:

  1. Trace or draw your image onto a piece of plain paper or tracing paper, depending what you find most effective, and make sure the lines are bold. (You can always draw it directly on the fabric if you have tailors chalk etc.).
  2. Secure a piece of fabric over the paper design using a dab of glue or pin (this must be big enough to cover the feature part your card).
  3. Slowly use your sewing machine to sew over these lines with your choice of coloured thread, and stitch the pattern. (Long stitches are good to enable the paper to be removed easily).
  4. When you are happy with your final design finish off the stitching with a back-stitch and cut the fabric loose. For greater impact you could always do a second layer of stitching or colour.
  5. Remove the paper – I always find it effective to wet the paper with a damp sponge before tearing away in small sections, being sensitive under the stitching so it doesn’t snag.
  6. Sprinkle with glitter or sew in additional beads and embellishments.
  7. Attach your fabric to the inner of your card, right side facing out. Stitching around the edge of the fabric to secure it to the card can look so effective and finish nicely.

An alternative method to use to create a crafty Christmas card based on the above is by sewing naked, and by this we mean losing the thread, not the clothes!!

  1. Trace or draw your image onto a plain piece of paper, making sure the lines are bold.
  2. Secure a piece of card or thick coloured paper over the design (check it’s the right size for your card, and we recommend a dark colour shows the needle holes better than light card).
  3. Remove the top thread and bobbin and slowly machine stitch over the design.
  4. Make sure the needle only goes down over the lines you want to become visible as this is what will directly create your design, once your happy you have covered all areas remove the card and paper.
  5. Add any additional glamour (glitter, beads, sequins etc).
  6. You could glue a bright or contrasting coloured piece of card/paper directly behind your design so the holes created by the needle firmly stand out.
  7. Once you are happy it is complete, insert it inside the card and secure with glue.

Experiment with different cards, designs, fabrics, and even different layering…enjoy being creative!!