Coffee cup cosy


With the current trend in quick take away coffee and Coffee Shops, this cosy could become your new best friend!! Whether visiting the local coffee shop for meetings, studying, people watching or socials or even a quick pit stop to take away and refuel for the day – this cup cosy is quick and simple to make and can be easily carried around in your handbag (or man bag)!!










1. Measure around your usual sized cup, or use a paper cosy as a template, add a 1cm seam allowance and cut your desired shape. (Roughly 10 x 3 inches for a medium sized cup with a slight curve up allows for a snug fit around the cup.


2. Place right sides together and in-between the layers at one end place an elastic bobble or ribbon. Pin together and secure in place with a small tack.










3. Stitch a 1cm seam around 3 edges with your sewing machine, leaving one end open.














4. Gently pull the fabric through to turn out the right side of the fabric and press.










5. Close the open end using your Sewing Machine.


6. Mark 3-4cm from the outer edge (alternate to the elastic) and sew your button in. (Use your Button Sewing Foot if using a fish eye button).


7. Place around your coffee cup and close using the loop and button!!











In addition:
• You could place wadding between the layers and once bagged out sew several parallel lines vertically to hold in place.
• Use applique to add some detail and make it personalised.

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