David Beckham in stitch up


David Beckham Stitch Up

It’s hard to think of a name in the celebrity world more famous than David Beckham, he’s a brand in his own right. He’s been an informal ambassador for the metrosexual male for years, and this week we fully support him as he gets stitched up behind a sewing machine during his recent trip to the Philippines with UNICEF.

Women love him, men want to be him and children adore him. Beckham has a drama filled life within football, fame and family. He sums up the word legend for most people, and this is because even though he’s known all over the world, he is still a down to earth guy, husband and father and we like to relate to him in that way.

David Beckham has netted millions over the years, alongside ex-popstar wife Victoria Beckham, with his million pound sponsorships, perfumes, clothing ranges and business deals. However they are by no means an uncharitable couple!

David is a massively generous UNICEF supporter, amidst other charities and events, serving as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador since 2005. This last week he visited the Philippines to highlight the issues of young people in need, taking time out from an Asian soccer tour to do it. He’s an inspiration for many of the children over there and it was obvious from his comments that in return he was inspired by many of them. His purpose was to support the work UNICEF are doing over there to help children leave the streets and get back into caring, home environments with a hopeful future by providing comprehensive social services, including life skills training. Beckham said:

““I have four children myself, and they depend on me and my wife … So it’s so sad to see so many children that don’t have that support, that don’t have that love.”

Last Friday, 2nd December 2011, whilst in the Philippines, David Beckham tried his hand at sewing. He sat down to the sewing machine that the children use to make their own graduation hats and gowns, and although I’m not so confident he managed to sew a complete outfit himself, he was later snapped wearing the ‘Village for Youth’s’ graduation robe and hat with the rest of the class.

I wonder whether he’ll begin a new metrosexual trend and take up sewing as a new hobby. Male sewing classes are becoming more and more popular and he hasn’t been afraid to show this side to him before…remember the guy liner and the skirt?!

Maybe the Beckhams will even follow in the example of celebrity pals Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and add a sewing machine to their gift “wish list” this Christmas… especially since Victoria gave birth to a baby girl this year, their first daughter after three sons!! Watch this space!!