Don’t buy it, sew it!


This lady has our way of thinking.
A story published in the Tempa Bay today talks of Carol Stricker from Tempa in the US. Carol is a sewing teacher who refuses to pay good money for designer clothing when she can replicate it herself with her trusty sewing machine for a fraction of the price.

Carol is quoted as saying “You can recycle all sorts of things from your closet,” and “You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.” – We couldn’t agree more!

This fantastic article, describes the sewing machine as “this season’s must-have accessory as fashionistas look for creative ways to save.”

According to the article, there’s a moving trend towards sewing in the younger generations, due to patterns getting simpler and easier, allowing even novices to create elaborate designs. Fabrics are bolder and more modern. And today’s sewing machines can pretty much do it all.

We love stories like these and hope this trend continues.

We’d like to say keep up the good work Carol, and keep passing your fabulous skills onto the younger generation.

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