Fergies Wardrobe Malfunction


Fergie’s Wardrobe Malfunction … “Where is the sewing machine?”














We all do it, yes, we all go out some time in our lives wearing something that we look back on and ask ourselves “why, oh why”?! Wardrobe malfunctions are an accepted part of life…and celebs really are no different, they can’t avoid them…but I can’t quite understand this one!!



Fans of the Black Eyed Peas front woman, Fergie, were disappointed to see her out as she attended an A-List event in LA, ironically “InStyle’s” A Night of Firsts, wearing a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac dress…that didn’t seem to fit! As if the bedazzled Felix the Cat placed in a very questionable place on the front of the dress wasn’t controversial enough she then turned around to reveal that she’d left the zip half open, sewing in a black panel to cover up the gap.



It was the first time the Black Eyed Peas star had made a big red carpet appearance for a while and even though Fergie will admit herself that she’s had some bad outfit choices in the past, but seriously, how did it get this bad? I’m sure I could rely on a good friend to tell me to go back in and do a quick change if I attempted to go out dressed like this, so what were all Fergie’s stylists, thinking when they let her walk out on a red carpet like this?! Surely she had a wardrobe of amazing clothes she could have changed into or an amazing choice of top shops to make a new purchase.



We can understand that this time of year, especially for Americans with Thanksgiving aswell as the Christmas season, means food consumption is higher than usual and so we can sympathise with Fergie and ‘the’ dress misfit but what I don’t understand is why let everyone see?! Or maybe the press attention was intentional to capture headlines again?!



Adjustments are commonly needed to be made in the fashion world, especially when working with celebs, models and designers. But, they’re also just as common in everyday life, so, make sure you don’t make the same mistake as Fergie and follow some of our top tips…



  • Wear a stole/shawl…they are flattering, add colour and life to a garment, and you can even make your own.
  • Take the bow from the front (or any other detail you have or make) and use it to cover the opening or affected area so it becomes a feature
  • If you’re confident using a sewing machine, (a fantastic investment), take out the zip and sew in a new panel with carefully selected fabric, before reattaching the zip


So it’s a bit more of “where is the stylist” or “where is the sewing machine” instead of “where is the love” for Fergie this season!!