Getting Started With Your New Sewing Machine


Getting started with your new sewing machine

sewing machine - designs for livingGetting started with sewing and dressmaking can be quite daunting, perhaps you want to get started with dressmaking or just use it for your own hemming and adjustments. Whatever your reason for investing in your first sewing machine, you’re going to want to get the most out of it, so here are a few sewing tips to get you set up and started.

    • Get to know the parts of your sewing machine, their benefits and uses.• The spool pin is normally located on the top of the machine, towards the right back of the sewing machine.  Remove the plastic sticker. Pull up the spool pin. Turn it round the right way and insert the short end into the hole. When storing the machine, invert the spool pin again. 

    • The upper tension dial is normally found on top left side of the machine. It is normally set on 5. Fiddle with this dial as little as possible.

    • The first thread guide is found at the top right side of the thread guide plate. Use this thread guide when filling a bobbin as well as when you thread the sewing machine for sewing.

    • The declutch lever is built into the hand or fly wheel. It is used for filling bobbins as well as sewing. After filling the bobbin, switch the lever back to sewing mode.

    • The take up lever is found situated in the left thread path next to the thread guide plate.

    • Always make sure the take up lever is at its highest position when threading the machine and when you start and finish sewing. (needle up)

    • When threading your sewing machine make sure the needle and the presser foot are both in the raised position.

    • When you select a stitch, remove or replace the bobbin case in the race hole, the needle must be in the highest position. (up position)

    • When you are preparing to sew a project, make sure you use a good quality thread. Always use the same thread on the bobbin as on your sewing machine.

Now you’ve familiarised yourself with your new machine got your sewing machine set up and ready to use, you’re ready to get going on your dressmaking, hemming and adjustments.

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