Getting Started – Part 1


Preparing your Sewing Machine:

  1. Insert the power cord into the sewing machine.
  2. Place the foot pedal on the floor so that you can reach it comfortably with your foot.
  3. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.
  4. Switch the button on the machine to the “on” and the light should come on.
Sewing machine Powersupply 





Knowing your basic way around your Sewing Machine:


Threading your Sewing Machine:

Thread the spool
1. Pull up the metal spool pin and place your chosen spool of thread onto it.


2. Pull gently on the end of the thread and lead it around the thread guide (located on the upper left of the machine).
Thread guide


Tension Disc
3.Pull the thread down and pass it between the tension disc and thread guide plate.


4. Guide the thread up following the guide plate, turn the hand wheel towards you until the take-up lever is visible and pass the thread through the take up lever.
Up Lever


Sewing machine needle guide
5. Place the thread on the left side of the needle guide and thread the needle (front to back).