Getting Started – Part 2


Setting in the Bobbin:

**(remove the power plug before doing any of the below)

1. Turn the wheel towards you until the needle rises to its highest point.

2. Remove the extension table (slide it out from the base of the machine, towards the left).



3.Open the shuttle cover on the bottom left of the machine.


4. Use the latch of the bobbin case to pull it out of the machine, and take out the bobbin.
5. Place your new bobbin back into the case and pass the end of the thread through the grove in the bobbin case, making sure the bobbin thread winds in a clockwise direction. Pull a few inches of the thread through the tension spring at the side of the case.


6. Insert the bobbin case into the shuttle race so that the bobbin case finger slots into the grove.


7. Close the shuttle cover and replace the extension table.


Drawing up the Bottom Thread:


1. Hold the top thread (from the needle) with your left hand securely and twist the handle towards you.


2. As the top thread catches the lower thread it will pull the loop of the lower thread through to the surface.


3. When able to, pull the lower thread through and pull back about 15cm with top thread.


4. Make sure both threads pass through groove of presser foot to secure.



Congratulations, you are now threaded and ready to start using your sewing machine !!
Why not try several different stitches on some scrap pieces of fabric!!