Give your sewing a vintage twist


Vintage fashion is all the rage, especially in the sewing world. What better way to make your fashion sewing a little more glamorous, cute or exciting than adding some vintage twists? You don’t have to worry about rationing amounts of fabric or worrying about what girdle to wear underneath it, but you can definitely give your current makes a little something different!

Add a pussy bow

Pussy Bows are called such because of the cute little satin bows depicted on greetings cards of kittens. Adding a pussy bow blouse to your wardrobe is a sure-fire way to add a little retro to your work wardrobe. We love this one made by We Sew Retro in a gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn fabric.



Add some flair with a petticoat

Adding a petticoat layer under a normal summer dress will give it a beautiful silhouette, and a perfect 50s look! Petticoats can be bought but it’s easy to sew your own, how about making it brightly coloured to accent the colour of your dress?


Give it a wiggle

A strong silhouette is a perfect vintage look, especially if you have the figure for it! Creating a well-fitting wiggle dress, perfectly fitted to your own body shape is sure to be a killer at any party! You don’t need to worry about having the perfect figure, if you wear it with confidence you’ll look fantastic!