HELLO 2013 – New Year, New Resolution



Most of us do it, or have done it … each year we let ourselves slip into ‘guilty pleasures’ during December with promises to make everything better again in January!! Well that time’s here, it’s January, already!!



December = a month of joy, giving, cheer, decorations, food and festivities. And, why not? .. it’s the end of the year we deserve some luxury & indulgence after 12 months of total devotion to work, crafting, families, friends, treats etc. The aftermath of which leaves us in January.

January = a chaotic month for the shopaholic, with retailers opening doors early and crowds of people descending into stores prepared to fight over last seasons stock, with each brand promising to be ‘the BEST sale ever’. It’s also a month full of personal “promises” of which we hope to commit to in the year ahead and really make this “the year” for all our deepest desires.


After many years of repeating this same cycle, I am attempting to do things a little differently this year, by keeping it simple and hoping to continue that December joy all year round!! Instead of setting impossible goals that will only be washed away in time and deflate my enthusiasm, I intend to live each day by these lovely little statements I found on Pinterest and enjoy each day to the fullest:


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone … quilt, sew and be happy!!