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Welcome to Toyota Home Sewing’s Blog.

Our blog is intended to be a place where we broadcast sewing news and information, tips about using your sewing machine and sewing accessories, sewing guides and instructions as well as much more.

We will be showcasing any new products and advising about frequently asked questions.

Over the course of time, we intend to hold competitions and giveaways across all of our three social media channels (this blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter page), so keep an eye on which ever channel suits you to ensure you don’t miss out!

We love to hear from you and welcome comments and feedback on all of our posts.

One thought on “Toyota Home Sewing’s Blog

  1. I’m so glad to see this blog. I’m back into sewing after many years. Designing my own handwoven clothing and always looking for inspiration. Especially interested in the leather foot. Nice articles. I’ll be following this blog.

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