Home Sweet Holme: Celebrities in the sew


Celebrities in the sew

Sometimes we get the idea that celebrities are surrounded with a scurry of assistants running around to do everything for them. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I read recently that Tom Cruise bought his wife, Katie Holmes, a sewing machine for her birthday this year!!

Katie & Tom

It’s lovely to read that her hobby for sewing started in a similar way to many of our own…She was introduced to home sewing as a young girl when her mum made things around the house and she noticed how this created a warm homely feel.

I think it’s beautiful how she now does this with their daughter Suri, and the generation of sewing continues!

As well as her ability to sew around the home etc, check out Katie’s clothing line “Holmes & Yang”. A luxurious and stylish brand she started with two friends in 2009.

Other celebrities we’ve heard that sew include Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman & believe it or not, even Chris Martin.

Eva Longoria Nicole Kidman Chris Martin

Do you know of any other celebrities who sew or who own a sewing machine?