Hot on the Pressing – A guide to the Perfect Press


Hot on the Press-ing

As you will have experienced with some of our “How To’s”, perfect pressing is important and can be the difference in achieving a professional looking result!!

So, here I’ve put together some helpful tips and advice about pressing and the perfect iron and hope they answer some of those brain teasing questions.

Basics: Most of you will already be familiar with pressing and how it differs from ironing. (Ironing is a backward and forward motion to take out the creases. With pressing, you lift and press, lift and press to achieve your desired look.) But pressing embeds the stitching, creates pleats and sets the seam neatly.

Key features:

Steam: A good iron should have a choice of steam options; different steam pressures, a spray and a burst of extra steam. It should be easy to fill and enable vertical steaming!!

Weight: It is important that the irons is held comfortable, but always go for the heaviest one you could use.

Soleplate: Preferably special coated such as a ceramic or Teflon to help the iron glide.

Swivel cord base: This useful option helps with handling the iron and achieving best results.

Variable heat/fabric settings: Controlling the correct heat & desired result whilst protecting the fabric is so important.

Tip: Press every seam before stitching over it and when pressing delicate fabrics, make sure you protect them from the iron plate using a tea towel or some fabric remnants!!

The final choice will ultimately depend on your personal preference, but, a good iron is as important as a good sewing machine to achieve those beautiful finishes to any item so be sure to consider the above points before you invest in the best.