How to choose & change sewing machine needle


Using defective or worn needles causes stitch skipping and snapping of thread.

It is important to choose correct needle for your sewing machine depending on type of fabric you sew and insert it correctly.


Choosing Needle


Smaller-sized needles e.g. no.65-70 are best for lightweight fabrics.

Larger number needles e.g. no.100 are used for heavyweight fabrics like denim

Material Needle
Lightweight material e.g. lining no. 65~75 / US11
Medium-weight material e.g. cotton no. 80~90 / US14
Heavyweight materials e.g. denim, curtain no.100 / US16 or Jeans needle
Jersey Ball point needle or Jersey needle
Leather Leather needle

Denim/Jeans needle has an extra-sharp point and stiff shank, which makes it suitable for stitching denim or other densely woven fabrics.

Ballpoint needle has a blunt, rounded tip that slips between fibres rather than piercing them.

Use this needle for sewing coarse knits, lycra and other fabrics that tend to run if you snag them.

Twin needle has two shafts on a crossbar which extends from a single shank. They’re ideal to use for decorative stitching and

creating multiple, uniform stitching rows. Don’t forget to purchase an extra spool pin for the second thread.

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Changing Needle


changing sewing machine needle
changing sewing machine needle2

Set the needle in the highest position by turning the handwheel toward you.

Loosen needle clamp screw (1) by using the needle plate screw driver.

Take out the needle.


* Do not loosen needle clamp screw too much. It may come out.

* Dispose of the old needle in a safe manner / way.

Insert a new needle into your sewing machine with the flat side away from you.

Push the needle into the clamp until it touches the pin (a) and stops.

Firmly tighten needle clamp screw with the screw driver.

Checking needle

Using defective or worn needles not only causes stitch skipping but also breakage of needles or snapping of thread.

It can also damage the shuttle and needle plate.

* When you have skipping stitches or snapping of thread, try changing the needle.

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