How to Make a Sewing Kit


We’ve all been in that situation where our perfect evening dress needs the straps safety pinning tighter right before a major night out, or the sofa cushion needs a quick stitch before the in laws head over.


And just when we need it, the needle and thread seems to be hiding in a haystack or the vast amounts of safety pins you’ve collected over the years seem nowhere to be found…but this practical yet modern sewing wallet is a great way to start your sewing kit off.


Here’s the end result. So simply follow the simple instructions below to make it!


sewing kit finishedsewing kit finished2

1. Choose outer fabric and then Cut out rectangle (on fold) to desired size (I found 20 x 10cm worked well, with 1cm seam allowance to make a pocket sized wallet).


how to make a sewing kit1

2. Place right sides together and sew 2 sides together with 1cm seam.


How to make a sewing kit2how to make a sewing kit3

3. Turn through fabric (pushing out corners) and close the final edge neatly with small machine stitch.


how to make a sewing kit4How to make a sewing kit6

4. Choose inner fabric and cut out (Measurements optional, but I found 14 x 8cm worked well, again with 1 cm seam allowance and cut on the fold).


How to make a sewing kit7

5. Place right sides together and sew 2 sides together using 1cm seam.


how to make a sewing kit9

6. Turn through fabric as with outer and close final edge.


How to make a sewing kit10

7. Further layers can be added at this stage using the same method if desired.


8. Place the layers together (the same way a card/wallet would open, using the centre).


9. Run a stitch down the centre to secure in place.


How to make a sewing kit11

10. Decorate front and edges as appropriate, adding fabric, ribbon, lace (alternatively this can be done in step 2 when placing right sides together and add in between the right side layers.


11. Finish with a button & hoop to allow it to close secure 12. Add in pins, needles, safety pins etc even tape measure if desired and secure with a piece of sewing elastic.


how to make a sewing kit12

Place as many layers as you want in & customise your sewing kit in any fabric you wish. Then this handy SOS emergency kit ensures you have everything to hand to resolve emergency issues quickly. Use the inside “pages” of fabric to store as many needles, safety pins and bits as you desire and keep it handy around the house, in your bag, or even to travel with.


Have some fun with this one, and you could even try it out as a gift for someone.