How to Make Roman Blinds


Roman blinds can add a warm, sophisticated and luxurious feel to any room as well as practically provide you with privacy and prevent any unwanted daylight!! Follow the guide below to customise and make your own blind with your own choice of fabric (blackout lining recommended).


1. Measure the window for your desired width and length.


measure window for roman blinds

2.    Add 9cm (3.5in) to the width and 15cm (6in) to the length to allow for hemming the fabric.
3.    Cut out the main fabric (recommend ironing).
4.    Cut out the lining to the same measurements, less 12cm (4.75in) from the width side only. *(You will need enough of the lining fabric left over for the dowel casings).
5. Pin the main fabric and lining together (right sides facing), and sew a 1.5cm seam down the left & right sides and bottom. (Let the lining fall central to the main fabric when sewing).


seam down both sides - roman blindsLetting the lining fall evenly within main fabric - Roman blinds

6.    Turn right-side out and press.  Hold in place with a tack to the centre width and length.


Turn right side and press - making roman blinds

7.    Using the extra lining fabric, cut out pieces of the same width as the final blind width and 5cm (2in) high.  (You will need a dowel every 20-25cm (8-10in) along the length of the blind).


measuring and marking roman blinds

8.    Mark the position of each casing on the back of the blind, leave an even gap at the top and bottom.


Part of step 8 roman blinds

9.    Evenly place 3 blind rings along the row (keep this a consistent distance on all strips).
10.    Fold and press 1cm on all sides of each casing. Marking the centre fold on each.
11.    Pin & stitch in place, onto the marked positions, along the centre line, stopping when you approach the blind rings and
sewing around these (as close as possible to them without damaging the needle).


Step 11 - sewing down centre - roman blinds

12.    Fold in half and stitch (again stopping as you approach the blind rings).


Step 12 - fold in half and top stitch - make roman blinds

13.    Slide a wooden dowel into each casing as you stitch into tube, and secure at ends.


Step 13 - placing the dowel in stitched tube - roman blinds

14.    Fold the top edge over 4.5cm (1.75in) and staple gun to the wooden batten.


preparing to staple in wooden batten at top

15.    Place a screw-eye on the back of the batten above each column of rings.
16.    Cut the blind cord into equal lengths (times the blind length by two and add the distance between the columns).
17.    Tie each piece of cord to the ring at the bottom of a column and thread through the rings and the screw-eye at the top of the column, and then also through the screw-eye at the side where the cord will hang.


screw eyes, cord - making roman blinds
18.    Gather the cords together at the side and trim accordingly (optional use of mechanism or screw-eye to gather cord at side).


roman blinds - gathering cord at side


End Result:


Finished Roman Blinds1
Finished Roman Blinds2

Finished Roman Blinds3

19.    Screw the batten to the wall/window recess where the blind will sit.
20.    Place a cleat at the side of the window and wind the cord around to rest whilst blind raised.

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  1. Lovely clear instructions. I especially like the pictures. It makes the project very clear. My only concern is attaching the rings. The stopping and starting when sewing the casing to the blind could give an unattractive look to the finished side of the blind. Would it not be more attractive to sew the casing on in one uninterrupted line and then hand stitch on smaller rings to the completed casings?

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