How to Sew In A Zip With Your Sewing Machine


Adding zips to clothing can be done for practicality of fashion.


You may simply have a zip that’s broken and needs replacing, or you may wish to recreate some popular styles. For example, this fabulous Gucci Dress utilises a stylish zip down the front which gives it a fabulous modern style.


dress with zip

You can easily create a similar style or add a simple zip for practical reasons.


Click on the image for larger version.


Here’s some tips to help you along the way when adding zips with your sewing machine.


Attach a zipper foot on to your sewing machine for easy zipper sewing.


zip fasner
Buy a sewing machine zipper foot


Attaching a zipper foot

  1. Remove the power plug or switch off the sewing machine and remove a foot.
  2. When sewing the Right side of the zipper, attach the Left pin to the presser foot holder.
  3. Attach the Right pin when sewing the Left zip side.



How to sew

  • Do not sew a U-turn across the zip teeth.
  • Sew the right and the left zip sides separately. Stitch them to the same direction.
  1. Sew the right then the left zip sides.
  2. Sew parallel to the zipper teeth.
  3. When you reach the middle, stop sewing, needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot, and pull down the zip slide past the needle.
  4. Repeat the same procedure when sewing the left zip side.
  5. Change the foot for normal sewing.

Good luck and we’d love to see your creations, so please do upload them to our facebook page to show us what you’ve been making with your Toyota sewing machines!