How to turn-up trousers “Hemming trousers”


We can all fall victims to this problem, especially as autumn and the cold weather quickly approaches us alongside the “Back to School” season. Ready-to-wear trousers are often purposefully made with extra length to accommodate for the taller buyers and a child’s growth spurts. Follow our simple steps below and save yourself some money and wardrobe malfunctions.

1. Try on your trousers (or get your child to try theirs on); with the relevant footwear & positioned correctly at the waist.


2. Fold up the hem of one leg of the trousers to the desired height and pin loosely in place. Use a long length mirror, stand up straight and confirm the hem looks correct from all angles.


3. Take off the trousers, measure how far up you folded the hem and add a 1cm hem allowance then cut off the excess.


4. Repeat on the opposite leg.


5. Finish the raw edges of the fabric by using a sewing machine to zigzag a stitch along the edge (or by using an Overlocker).













6. Fold the 1cm hem allowance back up, press and pin back in place.


7. Use a sharp hand needle and matching cotton to hand sew the new hem in place.  (Start stitching from the underside, sewing with very small catch stitches).


8. Follow this all the way around the hem, tie a neat knot in the thread & remove all pins.


9. Repeat on the other leg.



• Do steps 1 through to 5 but this time allow for a 3cm hem allowance before cutting off the excess.
• Fold, press and pin a 1cm hem, then use a sewing machine stitch to secure this in place.
• Turn up a further 2cm, press and pin.
• Follow the steps 7 – 9 and press to finish.