How to wind a bobbin and thread a sewing machine


How to wind a bobbin and thread a sewing machine

Before you thread a sewing machine always make sure you have enough of your desired thread on the bobbin. Otherwise, it usually never fails that you?ll thread your machine to discover the bobbin is virtually all out, or, doesn’t match your top colour.

Sewing Machine
  • Put your thread spool on the spool pin at the top of your sewing machine
  • Slip your spool cover/clip onto the spool pin to keep in place (if you have one)
  • There is usually a diagram on the top of your machine to direct you.
  • Wrap the thread around the bobbin tension disk (on the top of your machine, usually distinguished with a screw and towards the top left)
  • Take the thread towards the right and wind it around the bobbin, a few times to secure.
  • Push the bobbin pin over to the right to activate the bobbin winder.
  • Press the foot pedal to start the bobbin winding and the thread should evenly wrap around the bobbin and stop when full.
  • Take off the bobbin and cut thread to release.
  • Drop the bobbin in the lower plate and follow instructions of where to feed the thread.
  • Now to thread your machine.
  • Take the end of your top thread and follow the arrows/numbers on your machine.
  • Pull the thread behind the upper tension disk (this is what creates a nice smooth stitch? check out our? How to adjust thread tension? section for advise on this)
  • Continue following the arrows & thread path and pull the thread down towards you and make a ?u? shape back up to the top of the machine.
  • Turn the wheel at the right, toward you, until the metal lever reaches the surface.
  • Move your thread to the back of the metal lever and around (to left) to catch in the groove.
  • Follow the arrows back down the front of the machine with your thread.
  • Secure the thread behind or through any metal hook/s before reaching the needle.
  • Finally, thread your needle and pull the thread down through the opening of the presser foot.

And, last but not least, bring both the threads together

  • Turn the wheel on the right side of the machine towards you (hold the end of the top thread to keep above surface)
  • This will then catch your bobbin thread and pull it to the top.

Congratulations, you are now threaded and ready to start sewing!!