Interview with vlogger Mélanie MLR


Ever wondered how Instagram and Youtube stars got started? We caught up with Mélanie, who runs the Youtube channel Mélanie MLR sharing her beautiful projects and tips. And best of all, they’re all #MadeWithToyota!

How did you get started with sewing?

I learned to sew 3 years ago now, I am self taught. I have always been attracted by the world of fashion, and when on a whim I bought a sewing machine I discovered a real passion, and I never leave my machine!!

What’s your favourite thing to sew?

My favourite sewing project is to create clothes, I like doing everything but what I like most is like is to create original clothes, to my own taste, filled with colours!

What do you like most about your Toyota sewing machine?

What I like most about the Toyota sewing machine is that it is easy to use. My machine is old and I hope to upgrade it soon! For beginners, I absolutely recommend it as it has everything you need! Threading the thread as well as the bobbin is so fast. Considering what I have put it through it is still working very well. It’s a quality product!

What’s your proudest sewing achievement or project?

I am proud of all my projects! With each piece finished, I’m so proud of what I have made! I put always take a picture and send it to my loved ones to share my love and joy for each project completed.

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