Introducing “It’s All About You”



At Toyota Home Sewing we are all about community and we want to hear your views and interests as well as sharing all the latest Toyota Home Sewing and industry news.


We’re constantly learning and listening on how best to put that into action for you!!  So, recently we asked you whether there would be any interest from any of our community to become a part of our blog.  To say we were delighted at getting an immediate response would be an understatement, it was an extremely exciting time at the Toyota Home Sewing Office…it brought new life into our blog: a two way conversation and a very real sense of “community”! Every now and then we ask you what you want to see, hear and learn about on our Twitter & Facebook pages and we are very excited to now be opening a new category within the blog entitled “It’s All About You”!!


Just like a good group of friends; we strongly believe that when we all pool in our ideas, links, creations, discoveries, and lessons, we’ll have alot to learn from each other…and enjoy it along the way!! This is the perfect place to do that and we invite you to be a part of the sewing sharing.

So all craft lovers, sewers, embroiders and quilters gather here and share and inspire one another .. all ages and all skill levels .. it’s all about you!!


You can post to our Twitter & Facebook pages, or, email us directly on