Learned Sewing Now Being Used in Business


sewing business2We found a fantastic story yesterday, based around a US sewing company, The Drapery Trading Co.


The Drapery Trading Co., focus on custom sewing. They make drapes, curtains, sheers, fabric panels to divide rooms, insulated shades, cushion covers — just about anything a customer could want for their home made out of fabric.


The have a shop front, where they’ll sit down with you and discuss your needs, design your items with you and then you can pop in whenever you like to check the progress.


sewing business

One thing the original article says is: “As Seiler and Ben [Drapery Trading Co. owner & seamstress] work — on side-by-side sewing machines — they often lament how sewing seems to be becoming a lost skill.”


And whilst this is true, we hope you (Toyota Home Sewing blog readers) feel inspired by this article to pass on the skills to your children and younger relatives. After all, this great business idea and thriving business, it just goes to show how you can make the skill of using a sewing machine more than just a hobby!


Seiller & Ben learned basic sewing machine skills as youngsters in school and over the years honed their skills enough to make it into the source of their livelihood.


If you make your livelihood from sewing, we’d love to hear from you. Please post any inspiring comments on our blog.


Full article can be read here.

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