Make a cute Halloween pumpkin decoration



Pumpkins, a perfect decoration for both Halloween and enjoying the Autumn spirit.

These pumpkins can be made in varying sizes from loads of different prints.

All you need is some rectangles of fabric, thread, and wadding or spare wool for stuffing.

Cut the rectangle

Cut a rectangle on the bias, double the width as it is high (so, 15cm in height makes 30cm wide). Put the raw edges together, right sides facing, to make a loop.



Gather the base

Use a long stitch length on your Toyota machine and stitch across one of the short sides not securing the thread ends. Pull the top thread to gather the edge together, then tie the threads to secure.



Gathering the top and stuffing

Thread a needle with double thickness thread and perform a running stitch all the way round the top edge. Stuff the little bag full of wadding or spare wool, then pull the running stitch to gather the top too. Push the raw edges into the top with a chunky knitting needle, then stitch in place to close.


Creating ridges

Using double-held thread on the needle again, stitch at the top to secure the thread. Lay the thread down the pumpkin ball to the base, pulling tightly to create a ridge. Stitch securely to the bottom.



Continue this a number of times, dividing the ball into ridged sections. For small pumpkins, 4 threads will do. For larger, try 8.

Making a stem

Cut two small stem-like shapes then sew together, right sides facing. Stuff with scrap cotton cord, or wool, or wadding. Tip: A chunky knitting needle will help. Fold the raw edges in, then prepare a needle with thread.


Whipstitch the stem to the top of the pumpkin, and you’re done!