Make Christmas bunting the easy way!


Are you ready to get in the Christmas spirit? Making bunting is a cute way to dress up any room for Christmas and so easy to do too!

Using your Toyota sewing machine you can create loads of bunting quickly and easily!

To start, cut out triangles using a paper template. You’ll want two triangles per piece of bunting, so cut out double the amount you want to hang from your bunting.


Use pinking shears to snip the tops so they won’t fray easily.

Put two triangles right sides together and sew the two edges together, leaving the pinked edge open. Turn them right side out and press them flat so that they form neat little triangles. Use a large knitting needle to push out the ends to a point.


Get your ribbon, we’ve used lace ribbon, and pin each triangle at set intervals.


And you’re done! Super quick and easy Christmas bunting