Make squishy alphabet bunting



Are your little ones off to school this year? Why not decorate their room with our squishy alphabet bunting? This is an easy project to work alongside your kids, allowing them to help picking the colours and cutting the squares of fabric and batting.

All you’ll need is some cotton fabric, thread, natural batting for the middle layer, and some twine or ribbon. Decorate your letter further with beads, extra shapes, or patchwork colours.

1. Cut out large squares of batting, and squares of fabric. You’ll need one square of batting and two squares of fabric per letter.


2. Place the fabric pieces wrong sides together with the batting sandwiched in between. Write your letter onto the fabric using chalk, or a vanishing pen.


3. Pin in place and gently cut around the letters. Use a scalpel or rotary cutter to help with the insides of letters.


4. Once fully cut out, sew around all the raw edges to sandwich together. You could use pinking shears to tidy the raw edges further.


5. Stitch onto twine or ribbon.


Wonderful! Use your squishy letter to adorn a crib, kid’s door or anywhere you can think of!