Make your own pencil case


Pencil Case


Simply made using a sewing machine, this Back to School or Office accessory can be customised to your own bespoke design. Helps to add that little sunshine to your day.











1. Cut 2 rectangles from your chosen fabrics (measure the width on your zip plus 4cm allowance) and make the lining length 2cm smaller.
(e.g. Exterior 24cm x 20cm / Lining 24cm x 18cm for a 20cm zip).














2. Sew a 1cm seam around the fabric (right sides facing), leaving a 3cm gap on one length.














3. Gently pull the right side of the fabrics through the 3cm gap.



4. Place the exterior fabric and the zip together and pin (right sides facing).



5. At this stage prepare your Sewing Machine Accessories and place on the Zipper foot.



6. Pull the fabric over the sewing machine arm and stitch along the edge.















7. Pull the zip across to meet the other edge of the fabric (right side facing still) and pin.















8. Stitch along the edge (it helps to open the zip midway to avoid sewing around the bulk).



9. Flatten the fabric down, keep the zip central and pinch in the corners to meet together under the zip on both ends. Keep flat and pin.

















10. Sew down each side and back stitch fairly heavily to secure in place.





















11. Open the zip and pull through the fabric and push out the sides to complete the look.

















Put in your favourite pens and pencils and your pencil case is ready to show off!!