My Tension is Wrong


sewing machine tension

Q: Why are my sewing machine tension?

Are you having trouble with your tension when using a sewing machine. Here’s a few possible causes and solutions to help you on your way.




  • Different threads used on top & bobbin
  • Threads stuck in tension discs, or they are dirty
  • Threads wrapped around bobbin case or caught in race hole.
  • Stitch tensions getting worse
  • Top threads show on under surface or bottom threads show on top of work.


  • Use same thread top & bottom
  • Take machine for service or clean carefully with white spirit on lint free cloth.
  • Remove bobbin and clean all carefully.
  • Take machine to service engineer for timing adjustment.
  • Adjust tensions according to manual.

5 thoughts on “My Tension is Wrong

  1. Hi, the Toyota 9060 is a very old machine and unfortunately we no longer have manual for this model. We have a manual of 9900/9990 though it may help you but these are not the same machine, we are afraid. Should you need further assistance, please call our Spares Department at 01322 291137 option 2, or email to
    Toyota 9060


  2. Hi
    I am searching for a manual or instruction book for a Toyota 9900 sewing machine can you help?
    Regards Les

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