Over Locker General Maintenance


Most home-use over lockers are sturdy machines and quite trouble free if you look after it. You can avoid problems if you follow these simple rules:

Keep It Clean
Lint can quickly build up, clog the knife blades and collect under the needle plate of your over locker sewing machine. This can cause skipped stitches. To prevent this, use a soft brush and clean the cutting blades and under the needle plate after each project.

This is not necessary when using a Toyota over locker. However, one or two drops of oil on moving points does help increase the durability of your over locker.

Over locker needles wear out more quickly than regular sewing machine needles. This is due to the speed of the over locker when stitching. It is recommended that you change the over locker needles after every third major project. Use Toyota recommended needles for your over locker.

Knife Blades
If the trimmed edge is ragged, check the knives are aligned correctly and that they are secured properly. Do not pin seams at right angles to the raw edge you may accidentally over lock into a pin. Thick and synthetic fabrics dull blades faster too, take care when over locking thick fabrics. Adjust the pressure control.