Overlock Quick Guide


Overlock Quick Guide: Preparing, threading and sewing.    

  1. Extend the telescopic thread stand to its full height and turn it until the shaft clicks into its locked position


  2. Open the front & side cover as shown in diagram below.
    1. Push the cover to the right as far as it will go
    2. Pull cover down towards you
    3. Push cover to the left to unlock, and swing cover back away from you


      **NB. When threading the machine from the beginning, threading must be carried out in the following sequence:

      First: Lower looper threading   Second: Upper looper threading   Finally: Needle threading


  3. Lower looper threading:


  4. Upper looper threading:



  5. Needle threading:


  6. Connect foot controller and power cord
  7. When the threads are not wound around the stitch finger, gently draw out the four threads under and behind the presser foot.
  8. Turn the hand wheel towards you by hand two or three times to make the thread wind on to the needle plate.
  9. Begin to sew:
  10. Correct tension: Lower looper thread and upper thread should be well balanced with same tension.  (Both looper threads should make crosses at the edge of the fabric.)

  11. End sewing. Draw the finished fabric gently backwards and to the left as the machine is operating and making chain stitches. This is callled chain stitch sewing.

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  1. Hi i bought a toyota ‘differential SL3455DS Classic overlocker. I followed the threading instructions from the manual and on your site, but it does not sew (or overlock)! I have tried so many times, the machines seems fine but there is something wrong with my threading. Please help, i’m at the end of my tether!

    Many Thanks,

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