Quilt Making with Toyota


Quilting has to be just one of the most amazing crafts. Breathtaking designs can be created by piecing in so many different ways and looks. We chat to Iminei, who regularly makes quilts for friends, family and the local community.


What got you into quilting?

I was having a really tough year and I fell in love with quilting because I found it brought me peace. I was able to immerse myself in the craft completely.


What’s your favourite project you ever made?

Every project! Usually after I finish a project it becomes my favourite.

What’s important to you in a sewing machine?

A larger than usual harp space for big quilts. Needle up and down controls plus being able to move the needle to make a narrower seam, all useful for quilting! I’d love a machine with a laser pointer to help with all the  interminable long lines I sew!