Sew Arty … Bringing Banksy Back?!



It seems we aren’t the only ones preparing our bunting for the Jubilee celebrations … this young child has popped up with his sewing machine crafting some Union Jack bunting on the wall of a street in London.  


Earlier this week, this very ordinary high street awoke to find the graffiti fairy had made a special visit  that night, transforming the bare wall to a new hot tourist destination. It has also caused quite a stir in the media, social and art world, igniting speculation over who did the work and what it relates too. 


The question is: is this the latest work of British street artist Banksy?


There are a lot of tell-tale signs to immediately associate it to the typical kind of works famously known of Banksy across the world…The distinctive stencilling technique strategically placed and composed that subjectively offers a social commentary to the more thoughtful viewer!


Whoever the “spray and run” piece belongs to we just love it … we love art, we love sewing, we love sewing machines and we love Toyota Home Sewing!!