Sew Soul Mates


We stumbled across a great video that features a trustworthy senior Toyota Sewing Machine at work by a senior American Engineering Professor and thought it fitted in well with our recent blog … It supports our theory that the use of correct TLC and maintenance can see your machine sticking around for as long as you!!

(Click Here to the Toyota Sewing Machines cameo on this short video.)


Rene Coté, known by his students as “Grampa” because of his personable and friendly nature, is an Engineering Professor at TCU.  He runs his own small in-home embroidery business designing and making t-shirts, hats and polos for his colleagues and students. He creates the customised items all on his loyal Toyota Sewing Machine that he’s been using for over 20 years!! … We guess he’s a man that knows a thing or two on how to look after your sewing machine and keep it running well!!

“Sometimes you have to think like a machine.”   says Coté

It seems Coté’s sewing machine really has become his best friend, and they both seem well suited to each other don’t you think?! And that got us thinking …  “Do sewing machines reflect our personalities in some way?!” and “Does everyone have a “soul mate” sewing machine?”


I’ve recently purchased a beautiful new Purple/Gold Toyota Design for Living number that is definitely my soul mate … but I wonder what this says about me??!!






Thanks goes to TCU News where the article was spotted