Sewing Cafes


Sweat Shop cafe in Paris

We recently came across the idea of Sewing Cafes. If you’re thinking along the lines of Internet Cafe then you’re the right they are based on the same idea. Sewing cafes operate in a very similar way, offering customers tea and cakes whilst hiring the use of sewing machines instead of computers.


I absolutely love this simple effective idea and really hope we start to see them pop up all over the country, how amazing would it be to pop into a café that offers delightful cakes, as well as a spot of sewing!! Why did no one bring us this revelation sooner?!


Sewing Cafes bring a lot of positives to the world of sewing and craft. They allow like-minded people to meet under one roof and share the same passions, whilst exchanging conversations and skills and encouraging one another. I imagine a lot of lasting friendships begin at these kind of shops & classes, there’s something about the idea of ladies getting together to sew and be crafty that makes it inevitable!!


However, the great thing about these shops is that they are not only focused on, or designed specifically for, the advanced sewer…They offer classes for beginners and there is no better place to begin for an inexperienced sewer than an environment surrounded by sewing buddies. It also offers those who have never used a machine but are inquisitive to trial one on a low cost to see whether it is for them, before committing to buying one of their own. Just like we learn to drive in someone else’s car with an instructor before we go out in our own…you can be sure you’re handling the machine in the right way.

  Sew Over It

The Sewing Café concept has been made big following the recent press from ‘Sew Over It’, a cafe opened in Clapham by owner Lisa Comfort, who gave up working for Philippa Lepley (a celebrity wedding dress designer) to set up her own business … her very own sugar almond themed shop!!  ‘Sew Over It’ describes itself as being ‘a sewing paradise’, and we have to agree that it definitely seems to offer that promise within the quirky make do and mend style walls. The shop offers classes, clubs, advice, inspiration and even parties all whilst serving tea and cakes over conversations and crafty exchanges. If you are interested in visiting this café take a look into the class schedule & events here:


Why not take a look and see if there are any shops near you, or if not, don’t let that stop you … Why not host your own sewing tea party? Invite some friends round, set up your sewing machines and enjoy a chat and craft afternoon over tea and cakes!!