Sewing New Year’s Resolutions


What are your sewing New Year’s Resolutions? To get you ready for 2017 we’ve got some ideas!


1. Learn a new technique

Always scared of learning that new finish or feature? Why not look at tools to make your life easier, such as a new sewing machine foot to help you achieve a professional finish or an extra detail.

Why not give our Pintuck Foot a go and create something really special in 2017!


Pintuck foot for RS, RS2000, SP, ECO, ERGO & Super Jeans – £9.50

2. Upgrade my machine for a better experience

Sometimes all you need to improve your experience is to improve your machine. You don’t have to buy a new machine, but why not consider getting some more workspace or giving it a thorough clean.

Our extension tables are available for both Super Jeans, SP Series & Oekaki Renaissance and give you plenty more room to work on large projects. It’s a real upgrade!


Extension table for Super Jeans is £22

3. Read and explore the world of sewing!

Sometimes the best way to learn and expand your sewing knowledge is with a new book. Have a look at our library of books to see if you can learn something new!


Stylish Sewing £9.09