Different pocket shapes to try


Pockets! We all use them, every day, to hold our special little valuables. Whether that be our phone, purse, or even some sweets!

But what are the different types of pockets? And how can you go about sewing them?

And as it’s Valentine’s Day what do you think of this cute heart shaped pocket? Would you sew it? It’s easy as any of the other pockets below – just create a heart shaped template and only sew your pocket on two sides, leaving the curvy top open!

Jeans patch pocket

The classic jeans pocket is actually just a basic patch pocket – this means you just sew it directly onto the top of the fabric. Levi’s made the jeans pocket famous with their 5-pocket jeans, which are now popular everywhere!

To sew a patch pocket, just cut the pocket size with extra for seam allowance. Finish and turn the seam allowance, then sew it directly onto your garment wherever you want a useful pocket.

Welt pocket

This beautiful pocket is commonly seen on couture garments, tailored jackets and beautiful dresses. The “welts” are actually the little lips inside the pocket – often made from contrasting lining fabric. The welt pockets are often covered over with a flap, but they look beautiful without. Look out for these pockets on menswear, tailored trousers and vintage clothing.

In Seam pocket

These pockets are sandwiched right inbetween two seams, usually the side seams. These are the easiest pockets to sew. Just create a basic pocket bag and then stitch each bag to the front and back pieces of the garment. When you come to sew front and back together, sew around the pocket bag instead of straight down the seam.

Look out for these pockets on dresses, utility wear, and skirts. They’re sometimes hard to spot!

Which is your favourite? Have you sewn any of these pocket styles?