Some Sewing Machine Accessories That Acheive Perfection


You have a wide range of sewing machine accessories from which to choose if you want to save time when sewing and acheive a perfect finish. Here is a couple we love.

The Leather Roller Foot

sewing machine leather roller footLeather is a thick fabric which can cause even the most experienced sewers trouble if not approached properley. This specialist leather roller foot, when added to your sewing machine aids in smooth sewing of leather as well as other thick and speciality fabrics such as velver & naped or looped surfaces. Of course it is also worth using a leather sewing needle in your sewing machine for this type of work, normal needles will still work but if you use a leather sewing needle which is designed to cut through the leather,  you will notice less of a drag on your machine and less thread breakage

A Hemming Foot

Among the most useful sewing machine accessories is the hemming foot. This tool cuts a huge proportion of sling sewing time as you no longer have to stop and fold hems while sewing (or even more time consuming – resort to ironing the hem).