Stole the night away


A stole (aka shawl) is an ideal way of finishing your outfit, whilst covering your bare arms and adding a touch of colour or glitz. The great thing is, it’s quick and easy to make and you can choose your own colours to compliment any outfit without breaking the purse never mind the bank!!

So if you’re heading on yet another social of the season and running low on outfits, especially in the bleak mid-winter weather, don’t get stressed out … follow our simple steps to make this beautiful shawl to add and give any outfit a second outing without looking like the one you wore last week.

  1. Choose your fabric well, match it to something you intend on wearing and choose one that drapes well.
  2. Fold the fabric in half lengthways, wrong sides together and stitch a *French seam 1cm around from side edge to the opposite side edge, using a zigzag or overlocker effect. Sew all the way around but make sure you leave a small turning gap in the centre.

*French seam: hides all raw edges, to provide a neater finish.

  1. Trim the seam allowance down to a minimum (approx. 3mm) and press. (Be careful with delicate fabrics).
  2. Turn through the small gap you left to the right side.
  3. With right sides together now fold the fabric along the stitched edge and press.
  4. Sew around again (0.5cm from the stitched line), encasing the raw edges and leave another turning gap.
  5. Turn through and press.
  6. Securely close the turning gap using a slip stitch until your happy with the finished look.

Toyota Recommends:

  • Using our Decorative Footwork Kit why not add some randomly placed machine embroidery to add some detail, and you could even add in some sparse beading.Sewing Machine Decorative Foot
  • Finish by adding a stylish trim or fringing to the shorter ends. You can even achieve a great look by simply layering up zigzag stitches. Try a metallic thread or coordinating colour.
  • Create another shawl using two different coloured fabrics, one for the outside and one for the inside to achieve a contrast lining or even a reversible one to change with what you wear or to create a day Vs an evening look.
  • Finish the complete look off by adding a decorative brooch to the finished piece.