Troubleshooting Basics – Missed Stitches


Missed Stitches:


Most of us use a sewing machine to add a professional finish to the things we create, so, when stitches are skipped, we have every right to be frustrated.  However, most of the time the blame lies with us, so the secret is to try & do things correctly to prevent it from happening again, and quickly rectify it when it does. Here is a basic rundown of why it may happen, and ways to prevent or resolve it if it does …


This may be because the:

  • Needle is incorrectly installed
  • Needle is bent
  • Needle is old
  • Needle and thread are not appropriate for the fabric
  • Upper thread is not correctly thread


You could fix this by:

  • Installing the needle correctly
  • Checking the needle is not bent, and replace
  • Ensuring the needle & thread are appropriate to the fabric
  • Threading the upper thread correctly

If you need help on doing any of the above, refer to your Instruction Manual or download one here.


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